vrijdag 8 juli 2016

Pavises in Progress

Today, I spent some time at the painting table, here are the results:

What's left to do on these? Just some highlights on the red parts of the heraldry, the addition of symbols of the Brewers Guild (crossed mash paddle and ladle) to the blue portion of the banner, and some clean-up/minor detail (including doing the eyes on them and dirt on the lower edge of the pavises).
Then I've only got the other half of this Urban Militia to paint, and their commander/guildmaster.  But those may have to take a temporary back seat due to my sudden, inexplicable Man O'War craze...

See you next time!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Looking good!
    Is there any reason why you choose for them to be Brewers Guild lackeys? Not that it doesn't beffit them, just curious 😃.

    1. Because the (still somewhat nebulous) setting for my fantasy games is heavily inspired by the 14th century. In that era, in many cities, guilds were required to be able to arm their members and so provide armed men for the city guard and militia, both for defense of the city and to provide troops for the campaigns of the region's ruler.
      I imagined that Pavesiers would roughly match the brewer's status and wealth, with wealthier/more prominent guilds, such as vintners, (gold)smiths and weavers, providing more expensively outfitted troops such as crossbowmen and handgunners, maybe even mounted troops. The poorer guilds would provide simple archers, and such, or support personnel. There's some thought/geekery to the unit's heraldry as well, but I'll explain that when they're fully painted.