donderdag 22 september 2016

I'm not dead yet!

Well, I'm not...

As you may have noticed from the absense of posts on this blog, my Muse has been absent again. And I've fallen off the Man O'War train (for now...). Focus and interest is all over the place, flitting from one idea/project to the next, often even before I could get the first project out of the cupboard. Dreadfully annoying...

What little dollops of Painting Mojo I did manage to scrounge up have been spent on an attempt to paint the next three members of my Void Crows salvage crew:
 From left to right you can see Sassy Girl, Old Savant and Big Brute (not the final names by a long stretch, but I need something with which to identify them to you). In the above pic, the undersuits are done and the hard shell of the void suit has been given its basecoat and wash. Highlighting will most like occur when next the Muse visits.

Today some bits arrived, which mean I can proceed with a few conversions that have been in the pipeline for a while.

First, two heavy weapons for my Genestealer Cult/1st Ed Space Hulk Hybrid blip list.
Unexpectedly current, I've been wanting to do these conversions ever since Deathwatch: Overkill hit the stores. And I've needed Genestealer Hybrid miniatures armed like this ever since I started my 3D Space Hulk Project, years ago...
Both minis are based on the Genestealer Hybrid with mining laser from the Deathwatch: Overkill box. The left one is toting an Autocannon, from the Imperial Guard Sentinel kit. The right is carrying a Conversion Beamer that came from a miscast I got in a trade. The Autocannoneer still needs a replacement backpack, preferably with some extra ammo. The Conversion Beamer Operator needs some fix-ups on the Conversion Beamer itself, but is otherwise good to go. Both still need bases, obviously.

The bits arrival also meant I can now proceed to build my own version of a certain Underhiver of Renown:
Yup, Bull Gorg, Pit Slave hero, the now classic Nurgle Lord conversion. Many have gone before me in this particular conversion, but I get to call this one all my own. :)

And, as it seems mandatory since the release of the September White Dwarf, my conversion of the freebie Slaughterpriest:

Around when the new White Dwarf hit, I was re-reading Dan Abnetts Pariah novel, which featured "Warblind": Heavily augmented and modified berserker soldiers, intimidating giants, relics of bygone wars that were left incapable of even contemplating peace or normal life, processing the world only in terms of combat and violence. In the novel these Warblind were segregated in closed-off streets where they formed violent, tribal gangs, with unaugmented, war-traumatised and feral soldiers unable to adapt to civilian life serving as their underlings and foottroops. Almost a feudal structure, if you look past the ultraviolence...
The whole terror and pathos of these figures inspired me to start this conversion. My plan is to make the left arm a combat augmetic, maybe that Ork Nob buzzsaw arm? The right arm will have the cleaver replaced with some sort of pistol. The leg armour will maybe get pistons and such added. Perhaps, if I like how he turns out, I might make a little Warblind gang for Inq28/=I=Munda? Ofcourse, he could also function perfectly as an extra-beefy Pit Slave chief.

I've also been ripping through my Oyumaru this week. I've been taking moulds of certain details from the one Cities of Death building I have, to use in making Necromunda and Space Hulk terrain (hopefully soon).
I've done the same with some resin bases, as I need bases with the same detail and style as my resin ones, but in a size the seller doesn't provide. The first batch of casts is curing as I type.

See you next time!

Edit: The 2016 Genestealer Cult has now been officially revealed. On a personal note I am absolutely stoked to see a 2 page art spread featuring Genestealer Cult battling Howling Griffons Space Marines in the preview of the hardback codex! Nice to see my beloved Battenberg Marines in action against my favorite xenos-worshipping scum.