maandag 22 april 2019

In the deep dark of space, no-one can hear you rock.

This post was a bit longer in the making, I finished these fairly shortly after the previous post, but due to circumstances I didn't have the time or rest to set up a quick backdrop for pictures. I did now, so here are the asteroids I made as what I am now considering the  "BFG 20 Year Anniversary Upgrade Effort":

The asteroids themselves on the paint table:
I decided to go with separate bases on which I placed loose stands of asteroids. The idea is that the bases mark the extent of the Asteroid Field, so the individual stands are free to be (re)moved to accomodate the passage of spaceships. I will be doing the same for the Gas-/Dust Clouds.And in time with the Warp Rift as well. 
The bases are plasticard, primed black and airbrushed with stars and nebulae. The same was done for the bases. The asteroids themselves are lava stones, pinned to bases or to each other, to give an effect of floating rocks. they were quickly airbrushed in cold rocky grey colours.

And here they are on my game mat:  

The Heavy Transport Vessel "Pride of Ran Lo" "threads the needle" a.k.a. navigates the asteroid fields surrounding the Ecclesiarchy Orbital Convent (Space Station) "Call of Faith" as Defense  Monitors close in to make a visual identification:

My mates have confirmed they are still dedicated to starting a BFG campaign this year, so the next project from me will be either planets and moons or dust clouds. I hope to replace all my existing BFG terrain for a full set that matches my current skills, giving us two tables worth of terrain. One with a more... "classic" look, and a modern "hi-def" one.

See you next time, and good hunting, Captains!

maandag 1 april 2019

Fleet auxilia


This weekend I've been painting Battlefleet Gothic again.
The focus this time was on Fleet Auxilia and local defenses.

I painted a set of Defense monitors*  and my remaining defense platforms.
In addition, I painted a recommissioned old Light Cruiser with either a heavy bombardment cannon or an unconventional pattern Nova Cannon** and a Promethium Refinery and bulk transporter***.

(Sorry, the pic is a bit washed out, my camera interpreted it as greyscale for some reason.)

I also took the time to repaint the winglets on my Space Marine contingent. They used to be Black Templars, but as that army never got off the ground, and Howling Griffons are now/will be my main Space Marine army, they got "transferred". I find now that I actually quite like the splash of colour on an otherwise rather stark and severe paintjob:

 And as I had it set up, here's a pic of my currently painted fleet support vessels and stations:
To this I still have to add a quartet of system ships (small intra-system vessels, mostly civilian) and more transports, some of which will be armed transports or Q-ships.

*:Heavy escorts without warp capability, used for planetary and system patrol and defense.
**: An old Space Fleet model, I believe it's a Dominator
***:  Also an old Space Fleet model, a Goliath Factory Ship: it's essentially a huge bulk transporter that picks up raw promethium and refines it as it travels, to deliver the refined product at it's destination. Not a ship you want to blow up from close range...

 Still working on the Hellgate London project, but I felt like switching things up a bit. Especially as we still have a BFG Campaign planned.

See you next time!