dinsdag 28 mei 2019

Knights and hovels

Time for another update:

Work on the farm has stalled a bit, as I need to start doing things in Balsa, and I need to dig out my balsa stash and get used to working with the material again. Also, I've been out of the running with a bad cold/mild flu the past week (I need to be able to talk all day for my work, so not having use of my voice effectively puts me out of commission). I needed a project I could easily pick up and put down to make use of the time I wasn't actively being ill.
Inspired by a Twitch stream of someone painting their Adeptus Titanicus stuff, I decided to use the bursts of time where I could do stuff to continue building my Imperial Knight.
I do want to continue working on the farming village, and working on the Knight gave me an idea: Imperial Knight worlds are usually Feudal worlds... I could, ofcourse, build some "40K-ified" additions to the farm to use it as a Feudal World setting. Put an Ambot in a shack, an agricultural servitor somewhere. A data-shrine in a corner. Just enough to add some Grimdark to a very pastoral medieval setting. I'm still having this idea fermenting in my head, so any pictures will be some time out. For now, I'll just focus on finishing the first farm.

Also, I played a game of "What a Tanker!" the week before that with Gunbird and that was quite a bit of fun. So I'm looking forward to playing more of that in the future.
Also BFG is still on the books somewhere, and I really should be completing the terrain set for that. Build some gas/dust clouds and markers for solar and radiation flares as well as a sunward edge markers and I should have the essentials, giving me more time for extras such as Warp Rifts and fleet support vessels. (Oh, and I really should start working on that certification for work...)

Anyway, here are some pictures of my activities:

The base frame of the Knight, with the carapace on top, but unglued.

 And all the additional parts that will be painted separately. As you can see I've magnetized all the weaponry. For heraldry I want to go with a more medieval/Bretonnian style, so the shields will bear individual heraldry instead of just the house crest. I also want to add pennants and streamers to various parts of the model, just make it look more noble and knightly. Here and there I will also hang shields displaying the heraldry of honoured allies that Knight fought alongside. These will include, among others the Space Wolves and Howling Griffons (the chapters I build/collect), the Scythes of the Emperor (as an homage to Shas'El Tael/Sebastian) and the Cardinal Archivists, the homebrew chapter of the Snipe and Wib community.

This will be the crest of my Knightly House (blatantly stolen from the Darkest Dungeon game...):
 Still undecided about the name, thinking of going with House Dravion (named after a DnD character I'm currently playing... Yes, I'm a Nerdus Universalis. :D ) Ofcourse I won't be freehanding this across the entire Household-to-be, so I'll be dipping my toe into home-made transfers... Plus I'm seriously considering lighting up the next Knight I build.

This was the final outcome of the game of What a Tanker! My tank rammed Gunbirds, but caused so much damage we deemed it a Monster Truck style run over.

Oh, and I forget to mention last time, that due to a purchasing error, I had only bulls and oxen for my medieval village. So half of the oxen found themselves modified to have udders, giving me a mixed population of bulls, oxen and cows: 
 The lengths I go to....

See you all next time! (No telling what the project will be then, focus is non-cooperative at the moment...)

zondag 19 mei 2019


This weekend I've been making drystone walls for my 14th century medieval/fantasy village project.
After viewing a few tutorials on Youtube, I decided to go the "gravel and PVA in a mould" route:

A traditional Dwarven breakfast porridge. :D

Put it into a mould with some baking paper:
Leave to thoroughly dry and harden and you have:

Dwarven Granola Bars! :D

I had to do a quick test layout:
Need to fill some gaps on the undersides, but this will work nicely!

Time to get basing!
And a little farm setup with the Perry Miniatures medieval cottage.  Just need to stick some pigs in the wattle pen, cows or corn in the stonewalled fields.
I still need to build one or two wooden gates, as these will probably used for sheep/cow meadows. And then I can start painting this batch!

After that I want to add a chicken coop, some veggie gardens and a midden pile, and then I think I can call this first farm complete. Maybe some random tools and farm implements as scatter terrain.

See you next time!

maandag 13 mei 2019

Doing a bit of World-building

So, been a few weeks since last post, and I've been doing some stuff, so it's high time I shared it with you:

I've started on my Super-Battleship for Battlefleet Gothic (the vessel in the background is a Retribution Class Battleship. The largest class of official ship models for the game...) 
Once fully built, the Super-Battleship will have a double gun deck. It's a bit smaller than some Super-Battleship conversions/scratch builds out there, but I think this size to be a bit more believable.

I've also been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and so got inspired to pick at my Medieval/Fantasy Village again. I prepped and primed my villagers and livestock.
Hopefully somewhere in the future I'll be able to get them painted as well... ;) And build the village for them to live in... I think I have all the materials by now, just need to keep up the momentum/enthusiasm and hunker down for a few weekends. Unfortunately, all weekends for the coming month and a half have been booked full...

But the biggest thing I did the past few weekends is a set of planets and moons for BFG. An airbrush makes amazingly quick work of painting entire planets!
As you can see from the various views, they all come with a day and night side, to more easily show the sunward edge of the gaming table. 




My gaming buddies are still focussed on playing a BFG campaign later this year, so these hopefully see use soon. One needs to refurbish a fleet, and the two others want to build/collect their own fleet from scratch, which is a bit of a challenge. Luckily, if they can't get it all together in time, I've got plenty of fleet(s) for them to loan for the time being. 

So, that's everything caught up again. I'll  likely be hobbbying a bit less the coming weeks, due to, as I said a busy calendar, and I really should start studying for a certification at work. But such is life.
See you next time!