zondag 15 september 2019

Ranging ahead

An unexpected step forward for my Blackstone Fortress set.
Didn't feel like tackling a new warband for Kill Team or Reality's Edge, so I looked over my stash of WIP paintjobs and found this pointy eared lady staring daggers at me. So, she has found herself on my painting table...

The Eldar Ranger from Blackstone Fortress:

Next weekend I may possibly have some more time on my hands, not sure what I'll be doing then.

See you next time!

maandag 9 september 2019

From the deep they come... Scenting blood...

Yeah, I should be working on my Multiverse Gaming terrain, but yeah, random muse is random.
I needed something enjoyable and self-contained to deal with a stressfull weekend.
A Kill Team would be ideal. I had hoped to finish building my Cardinal Archivists, but for those I need some female heads from Statuesque Miniatures, which are still in transit.
So it was an another Kill Team that got to be the centre of attention.

Cue the music...

A few weeks ago, on a whim, I bid on some small, cheap batches of Primaris Intercessors and Reivers. Not bothering to strip them as the paint already on them was thin and even, I quickly set about converting them:

After that, the airbrush was fired up, for the primer and basecoat, and soon, things were progressing nicely:

Once painting was done I applied acrylic water paste, to simulate the effects of water lapping on a shore:

M40.3955564/1 Carcharodons Astra Task Force "Mako", preparing to deploy on one of the embarkation decks of Hive-Crawler Sarcomand Secundus. -Stripped by pict-thief from one of the deck internal security picters-
Intercessor sergeant Ropata gives the order to advance, as Reiver Sergeant Hunapo instructs his Reivers to seek high ground. 

Same pict-thief 37:32 Terran hours later. Exactly what transpired is unknown, but somewhere in the intervening time, the Lomar Township, presumed to be the seat of the rebellion, has gone completely, utterly silent. The Carcharodons Task Force departed as quickly as they arrived, leaving no explanation or debriefing for the local Imperial Command.

They were fun to paint, especially the Exile Markings on their helmets and armour were an entertaining challenge.

See you next time!