zondag 7 mei 2017

Stealin' Genes

The samurai project has been flagging a bit the last few weeks. Mojo has been low in general for hobby stuff.
But this week, I decided to give Space Hulk Deathwing another run, 40K had been bubbling in the brain a bit again, due to the recent exposure Shadow War Armageddon and the upcoming new edition 40K were getting online.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that a large part of the technical issues of the game were solved, and that there was more variety in gameplay to be found. Sadly, the servers are still rather depleted after the rocky start, hopefully this will improve once the Enhanced Edition becomes reality.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and I decided to build a couple of Genestealers, as a palate cleanser and hopefully something that would kickstart the Mojo-generator again.
Originally I wanted all my genestealers for the Space Hulk project to be just generic genestealers. But today I realised I rather like the variety of 'stealers in the Deathwing game. Plus it would be more interesting to paint and model than just 20+ identical creepy aliens... I could always make some house rules for them in SH, Kill Team or =I=Munda if I were so inclined, or I could use them as regular 'stealers and just keep the variation a cosmetic thing.

Here they are: two Stalker Strain Genestealers and two Scythe Strain Genestealers:

The parts in the rear of the picture are a start at an attempt to convert some Tyranid Warriors into a pair of Broodlords or similar heavy, large Genestealer variants.
Now, to figure out how to speed-paint Genestealers and still have them look decent.

See you next time.

zondag 23 april 2017

Just in time for Hanami!

This has been a productive weekend! Also, this post requires a song:

The cherry trees have been finished (I just need to let them dry for a couple of days, and then fixate the flocking). While the flock was out, I also finished up the bamboo bases and the sacred rock.
Here's a FIP (Flock in Progress) picture:

Bright, aren't they? :D

During Hanami, Tamiya-san and Ronin Hasegawa re-enact the impromptu duel that led to their years-long friendship, as Katsunaka the priest and Kageyori the Miko look on from a safe distance.
And a slightly more top-down shot:
That's all of my currently finished Japan-specific scenery, as well as some of my "universal" rocky hills being almost completely obscured by the bamboo groves. I think they might be decent line of sight blockers... ;P

See you next time!

maandag 17 april 2017

Holy Stone

I had a spare hour, in which to knock out a quick scenery paint job. Here's the results:

The rock is, surprisingly, made from rock... The Shimenawa is sisal, hardened with thinned PVA, the Shide are foil from a tube of foodstuff (mayo or ketchup or somesuch).
Painted up quick, looks the part.
All in all, Easter has been productive.

See you next time!

zondag 16 april 2017

Oriental flora

Well, the bamboo got finished yesterday, but the light was gone already gone so far, I couldn't get decent pictures anymore. So these had to wait until today:
Daimyo Tempura finds his entry into Miso-Ji isn't quite as uncontested as he expected...

Today, as an added bonus, my wife joined me for painting, the first time in years (She used to be a very skilled and enthusiastic painter, but that hobby had fallen somewhat by the wayside for her.) It was really nice to be sat next to her and sharing a favorite activity. I got some progress done on the first batch of my Samurai villagers, but didn't quite get them finished

Also, earlier this week the tiny cherry trees I ordered online finally arrived:
A bit brighter than I had anticipated, but they'll server their purpose just fine! They're about 40mm tall, which works just fine for my purposes. I'll just put these on as inconspicuous bases as possible, so I can plant them wherever I like them to be on the table. Half of this batch will go to Gunbird.

I don't think I'll get these done before Hanami is over, but then again, with these, my samurai can go cherry blossom viewing whenever they want... ;D

See you next time!

woensdag 12 april 2017


So, today I assembled and based the remaining stands of bamboo:

 The PVA can dry overnight and paint should occur shortly. :D

As I had a spare base, some time and inspiration left, I decided to build a little extra:
A simple sacred rock. It's about twice as high as a 28mm miniature, so it's suitably impressive on the table.
My usual foamed PVC base, an actual rock, hot glue, basing sand and ballast. With a PVA-drenched length of sisal as Shimenawa and foil from some tube of foodstuff to make the Shide.  I hope to paint it alongside/after the bamboo.  With the trees I already have for (western) wargaming and the Torii I painted recently, I should be able to do a reasonably convincing small Japanese forest/wilderness table. Now I just need to get sufficient minis painted so I can give some rule sets a trial run, Daisho being on the top of that list.

See you next time!

dinsdag 11 april 2017

Trial of the Grasses

Well, the trial set of bamboo is done, except for some growies (flock, some small plants, such things)  on the edge of the base:
Looking at this, I'm ready to go into mass production, I think.

I misted the bamboo stalks with some matt varnish and then spray-primed the base in black. Naturally, this hit the lower part of the bamboo as well, but this wouldn't be a problem.
Then I painted the base with Vallejo Burnt Umber and drybrushed German Camouflage Orange, Desert Yellow and finally Iraqui Sand. Again, this hit the lower sections of the bamboo, neatly covering up the primer overspray, as I had planned. There was some minor flaking of the paint on the thinner bamboo stalks, but nothing too noticeable. Finally I roughly hit the bamboo stalks themselves with very watery English Uniform, to get rid of the uniform green colour.
Looks good to me, I'll be cutting bases for the larger bamboo bushes tonight or tomorrow, hopefully I'll have a complete grove by/over Easter.

See you next time!

woensdag 5 april 2017

I want another shrubbery!

And who am I to argue with the Knights who say Ni? :D

My second order of scale bamboo has arrived:
Twice as tall as the batch I already have, plus these have a wire core. I should be able to build a fairly decent bamboo forest now.
That is all, carry on...