maandag 1 april 2019

Fleet auxilia


This weekend I've been painting Battlefleet Gothic again.
The focus this time was on Fleet Auxilia and local defenses.

I painted a set of Defense monitors*  and my remaining defense platforms.
In addition, I painted a recommissioned old Light Cruiser with either a heavy bombardment cannon or an unconventional pattern Nova Cannon** and a Promethium Refinery and bulk transporter***.

(Sorry, the pic is a bit washed out, my camera interpreted it as greyscale for some reason.)

I also took the time to repaint the winglets on my Space Marine contingent. They used to be Black Templars, but as that army never got off the ground, and Howling Griffons are now/will be my main Space Marine army, they got "transferred". I find now that I actually quite like the splash of colour on an otherwise rather stark and severe paintjob:

 And as I had it set up, here's a pic of my currently painted fleet support vessels and stations:
To this I still have to add a quartet of system ships (small intra-system vessels, mostly civilian) and more transports, some of which will be armed transports or Q-ships.

*:Heavy escorts without warp capability, used for planetary and system patrol and defense.
**: An old Space Fleet model, I believe it's a Dominator
***:  Also an old Space Fleet model, a Goliath Factory Ship: it's essentially a huge bulk transporter that picks up raw promethium and refines it as it travels, to deliver the refined product at it's destination. Not a ship you want to blow up from close range...

 Still working on the Hellgate London project, but I felt like switching things up a bit. Especially as we still have a BFG Campaign planned.

See you next time!

zondag 17 maart 2019

This is London calling. And a shout out to a wonderful man with a wonderful project.

Thursday last week, Devil May Cry 5 released (no, I will not be wargaming DMC...) and a few of my favorite streamers started playing it. The game is about fighting Devils in a ruined, London-esque metropolis. Which triggered memories of an old favorite... Hellgate London!
Not the best of games, but an excellent setting to explore.

Friday a week ago, me and some friends had a hobby evening. Inspired by the DMC 5 footage I decided to build some extra Hellgate London demons to add to the few I had already converted a few years ago.

The rough and ready basics were done on that friday night:

Together with their older siblings:

During that weekend, the greenstuff phases followed:

This Saturday, the airbrush was employed for primer and basecoat (and as I was at it, a second project also got some paint sprayed on).

 Which, today, resulted in painted miniatures:

Here's how they match up with their elders:

And as I waited for paint to dry on the demons, I used the downtime to progress on the vendomats:

Dirty and grimy and worn, perfect for cyberpunk, post-apocalypse or any current era metropolis....

Ofcourse I couldn't help set up a little scene:
Templars fighting to reclaim a base lost to the demonic incursion:

Maybe next weekend, I can try to get some paint on the Hunter faction (soldiers and engineers) miniatures I have lying around. Then I just need mini's to represent Cabalists, and  I can start finding a suitable ruleset to modify and playtest. (Currently thinking about IHMN and its derivatives, but perhaps this summer Reality's Edge may prove to be a good match?)

As an added bonus, yesterday my sister came over (she builds 1/12th scale dollhouse style rooms, I guess it runs in the family!) to help me get over my nervousness about soldering LED circuits.
Baby steps, but so much options for terrain:

Now, I also mentioned a shout out to a deserving man with a wonderful project. The man in question is Mel Bose  a deeply likeable man with a very informative Youtube Channel about building wargaming terrain. What makes him especially interesting is that he regularly collaborates with artists from other disciplines to exchange techniques and knowledge.  Why mention him now?
Well, he has a Kickstarter to publish a book collecting all his accumulated know-how in physical format. While I have seen most of his videos (and I advise you to watch them too, if you have an interest in terrainbuilding!) I am somewhat fond of terrain-building books, and I know his is guaranteed to be a good one!
Check it out here:
Terrain Essentials Kickstarter

See you next time!

woensdag 6 maart 2019

Oh, hey, I went another month without an update... Sorry about that.

I have been doing hobby stuff, just not as much as I'd like.
Focus has still been all over the place, sadly I don't see that changing anytime soon.
I've been meaning to press on with my Multiverse Gaming Terrain and painting for Blackstone Fortress, but the drive just isn't there.
Instead, I converted two Jetbikes for...reasons. Built a converted Ambot-alike and done some painting on my BFG Fleet Auxilia (Defense Platforms, System Ships and Defense monitors).
I've also converted a drifting wreck and made a sector map for our BFG Campaign later this year.
And I tried my hand at a candy colour paint on one of the jetbikes.
Anyway, here is the pictorial evidence:

See you next time!

zondag 27 januari 2019

All ahead full and damn the torpedoes!

Well, to (most likely) no-ones surprise, I didn't stick to the plan...

You see, Battlefleet Gothic happened...
Or rather Battlefleet Gothic Armada II. And my enduring love for BFG combined with the stockpile I still have for it.
So last weekend, I took advantage of my airbrush and quickly cranked out my Chaos Fleet.
I had these stood around assembled for a while now, so it was a matter of priming, then shading/basecoating, followed by drybrushing final highlights and detail painting.

I also discovered how easy starfield bases were to do with the airbrush:
Put in your favourite white, pump the trigger a few times to get a drop of paint in/on the tip and then push down on the trigger, causing that drop to come spattering out! I then added a few nebulae/dust clouds with the remainder of the white and some earth colour:

Anyway, here is the fleet itself:

The painting was very quick: primer black, preshade with Vallejo Air Golden Yellow, basecoat (lightly) with Vallejo Air Red Gore, then a topside highlight with Vallejo Air Scarlet. Then on to brush painting: drybrush with regular Vallejo Scarlet, followed by Vallejo Bloody Red. Paint all the bits that need to be metal black, then GW Ironbreaker. Wash the metal parts with GW Nuln Oil Gloss. Paint bridge windows and navigation lights with Vallejo Golden Yellow, as well as the occasional dotted in windows.  With the points added for a Chaos Lord and maybe a reroll this comes out at 1500 points. If I can find extra models, I may expand it in the future, perhaps some extra escorts and a Grand Cruiser, if available.

As you can see, this fleet serves the Word Bearers Legion. (the icon is a 3d printed shoulder pad icon from shapeways, glued onto the bridge.

Speaking of Word Bearers... While the game states that it was a Black Legion vessel that is trapped inside the Blackstone Fortress Warhammer 40,000 Quest game I decided mine would be Word Bearers. So while I had the airbrush out, I quickly painted their main colour (same recipe as for the chaos fleet):
I also basecoated the skin for the Negavolt Cultists and for the Kroot tracker, but neglected to take pics...

And while I originally bought Tooth and Claw for the Genestealer Cult content, the Space Wolves have forced their way, howling and panting, to the front of the queue. Here's a (gloomy) photo of the first Blood Claw pack and Smash-Jarl assembled and ready for basing and primer:
Yes, the special weapns marine is magnetized. ;)

With regards to the social part of the hobby my (ir)regular gaming buddies and I are discussing starting up a BFG campaign. As several have interest in an Ork fleet, but no ships, we're holding a scratchbuilding day in a few weeks time. I plan to take along my unassembled Ork ships, partly to assemble and partly for size reference. I'll also be bringing a handful of spare bits for them to use and for me to try and build a few drifting/burning wrecks out of.
I'm also resisting to start spending on BFG again, I feel a powerful craving to order sets of 3D ordnance and Voss/Armageddon style prows, but I have enough stockpile of BFG I feel I should attend to first.

Oh, and the Necromunda Sump Pools didn't end up completely as intended. Here they are, just after I finished doing the basic painting by airbrush:
 And just after I poured the resin:
Sadly the resin didn't behave exactly the way I had hoped it would. It lifted a bit from the edges in places, leaving a visible 1mm gap between the resin and the edge of the pool. The surface also remained tacky. I tried to solve the latter with gloss varnish, but it dried up too matt and killed the depth effect. 
I don't want to trash these pieces as they look too cool, but I'm still pondering how to fix it. Maybe use some acrylic water effect over the top? Or use a thick layer of gloss varnish from a spray can (and then matt varnish the ash edges of the pools and rusty stuff)? I'm still considering what will work best.

See you all next time!

zondag 6 januari 2019

New year! New.... well, nothing really... Just more of the same...

Another month, and another year have passed...
What have I been up to, and what do I intend to be up to?

Well, the past few weeks have been very busy, holidays, busiest time of year at work, and health worries about my mother, plus frustrations about not being able to get her the care she needs (and we need her to have) have kept my energy and time for the hobby low.

I've kept going on the Blackstone Fortress set, and have the first character and two sets of monsters done:

Espern Locarno and the Spindle Drones (Sounds like a band name...):
Ofcourse at this point I realise I forgot to paint the trim on the inside of his robe...
Bases will be done at a later point, all at once.

And the Ur-Ghuls
(In this foto I hadn't done the mottling on their backs, I'll do some glamour shots later, once more is finished).

The Multiverse Gaming terrain hasn't progressed since last time, I still need to get my feet wet with LEDs, before I dare continue...
Doesn't means I've been sitting still on the terrain front, though.
Last week this arrived:
So, I can get started on building some containers/container shanties for Necromunda.
As always, it'll work fine for 40K and Kill Team as well.

Additionally, I started a little conversion for the fun of it:

 Not the final head or shoulder pads. I may end up going with larger shoulder pads and a Ruststalker head instead. I just need to source the bits and see if I like it. It will most likely be an assault/labour servitor or a midget Ambot or some such.

As I got a pot of resin for Christmas, I needed something to try/practice it on. So I started making some toxic sump pools for Necromunda:
The sand-PVA mix on them is drying at the moment, hopefully paint and resin next week.

Past year's paints:
I've also taken the time to look back at what I painted last year, and I managed to get 47 figures painted, 2 scratch-built Necromunda terrain pieces, and one of my 4 sets of Multiverse Gaming Terrain. For me, that is a reasonably good year, these days.

Looking to the future:
So, what are my plans for the coming year?
Basically for the next few months I want to finish on two main projects:
-Blackstone Fortress: I want to get all the mini's painted and start playing it.
-Multiverse Gaming Terrain: I want to finish my set of Multiverse Gaming Terrain, so I have a decent set of Zone Mortalis (esque) terrain for Necromunda and Kill Team.

However, me being me, some secondary projects have popped up.
-LEDs: For the Multiverse Gaming Terrain, I want to incorporate LEDs, but I need to do some practice pieces to build confidence.  So, I will have to plan and build something that needs lighting up (any suggestions?)...
-Resin: I have a pot of resin now, and I intend to use it before it goes off. The Toxic Sump Pools above are just the trail project, to see how I should handle resin. After that there are various, still vague plans. I hope to incorporate the resin in the Multiverse Gaming Terrain project as well, to use as leaks and the toxic pools shown on some Necromunda terrain boards.

Both  the above projects tie back in to a main project and will teach me new hobby skills so I'm okay with that, and the side projects were more or less planned.
Less planned is the Space Wolf Army that seems to have spontaneously materialized... I bought the Stormclaw at the time for the Ork content, and to get Space Wolf Terminators for the Space Hulk project. Now I ordered the Tooth and Claw set, to use the Genestealer Cult models for the Space Hulk Project/Necromunda/Kill Team project.  But now I'll have a Primaris contingent of Space Wolves as well... Plus the remaining metal Wolf Guard, Wolf Scouts and Characters I kept from an aborted earlier edition Space Wolf army...  And an airbrush to paint all that grey quicker... And a clear idea for the colours to use from the Inquisitor scale Space Wolf I did last year. The snowball is rolling and growing, and I'm sure I can hear wolves in the distance... ;)  It's not like I have a Howling Griffons army to build, or a Word Bearer one hiding in boxes for assembly...  But on the other hands, it would mean some opposition for my Orks, so I could host games and maybe introduce my son to 40K.
Eh, I have a whole year ahead of me, we'll see how it goes.

See you all next time!

maandag 3 december 2018

Standing on the Precipice

Well, this weekend I managed to get all the miniatures for Blackstone Fortress assembled:

I decided that simply painting in the glowing lines that represent seams in the material of the Blackstone fortress wasn't enough for me. So out came the panel line scriber and a metal ruler:
In theory I could play a game of Blackstone Fortress now. But I really want to try and paint them all before I do so... Luckily with an airbrush priming and basecoating (parts of the) mini's should go somewhat quickly.

See you next time!

zaterdag 1 december 2018

Catching up

Hi folks,

Been a few weeks, sorry for not updating in the meantime.

A certain project that I made as a gift for a pair of Youtubers I really like has been received by them and so now I can share it with you.
The Youtubers in question are Snipe and Wib and the gift was a set of custom Gaslands cars in the colours of their own Space Marine Chapter, the Cardinal Archivists. I found out for each what their favorite kind of car was in the game and built them one.

Here the cars are pre-primer and painting:
 As you can see, the roofs of the cars are covered in steel tape, allowing the guns to be attached with magnets.

And the cars once painted (main colours and chapter marking done with airbrush):

I even managed to insert some drivers (somewhat) resembling the intended owners:

Both cars have been personalized to their owner, each sporting a favoured catchphrase and of course, Snipe's beloved antlers on the hood:

I also totally forgot to show you the group of Cyberpunk elite soldiers/special ops team I painted a few weeks ago:
These are old "Legions of Steel" Earth troopers, given a quick basecoat and shade with the airbrush before handpainting the details. First time in years I've used decals as well. Just a quick job to get them out of the Cabinet of Shame (more like a Room of Shame!) and table ready for when Osprey's Cyberpunk rules come out sometime next year.

The Multiverse Gaming terrain is on hold for the moment, sadly, for a combination of reasons:

For one, I want to incorporate LEDs (see previous posts about the terrain), but I found I'm getting cold feet about trying something new that I don't totally feel comfortable with in such a large project. So I will have to find/build a quick terrain project to serve as a test bed and confidence builder.

Second reason is that I've been losing the energy for large(r) hobby endeavours at the moment, due to some worry about my mother's deteriorating state of health, which means sitting idly by the sidelines as professionals essentially decide her fate. Most likely she'll need to go to a home for the elderly as she is no longer capable of taking care of herself, and no longer sound enough of mind to arrange her own affairs.

Third reason, and one that has only "materialized" this week is Blackstone Fortress. My copy arrived last Thursday, and I've spent today looking at the contents of the box, leafing the books. I've also made a start at assembling the miniatures. I assume this will be taking up my hobby time the coming weeks/months. I've always liked dungeoncrawler games, and to finally have one for 40K is quite exciting! The mini's are gorgeous, I hope the game is of similar quality as the plastics. Hopefully I'll have some worthwhile pictures for my next post.

See you all next time!