zondag 22 april 2018

Howling at the moon, in a big way

Not a lot of juice/time for hobby stuff the past few weekends. Nevertheless, as part of my journey of discovery concerning the airbrush, I've been thinking about and revisiting old (often) stalled projects that could benefit from a little airbrush action.
Mainly as I don't like practicing for practice's sake (just spending an afternoon doing dots and lines would drive me mad!). Doing a project that would otherwise languish gives me a purpose to trying things out, as well as getting that little bit more from the WIP Cupboard to the display cabinet.
Before w continue, this post requires a song...

I've had a converted Inquisitor scale Space Wolf in the WIP Cupboard for ages ("I bought the figure when Inquisitor came out, and did the conversion while Inquisitor was still sold in the stores"-kind of ages...)
I'd always balked at actually painting him, as I didn't know how to go about smoothly shading and highlighting such large expanses of grey. But, guess what? Airbrush! :)

Here is my own hero of Fenris:

 And to show what a beast a marine is, next to a "normal" human:
The greys, power axe and the yellow on his kneepad and shoulder have been done with the Airbrush, everything else is done by brush.

Fenris Hjolda!
See you next time!

maandag 2 april 2018

Part two: Colour Conundrum: Space Hulk (seeking advice!)

In attempt to settle matters for myself, I've painted a pair of test models for the alternate colour scheme today.
Here's a few shots of the old and new scheme to compare them:

The new scheme:

My version of the classic scheme:

And both side by side:

Of course, I'll have to stare at them a bit, to see which way the coin falls. On the one hand the classic scheme does have the weight of nostalgia behind it. On the other hand, the new scheme looks rather cool, and the speed at which I can knock them out.
I'd like to have your input, which colours scheme would you prefer?

See you next time!

zaterdag 31 maart 2018

Colour Conundrum: Space Hulk (seeking advice!)

I've been fiddling around with my Space Hulk miniatures again, and I'm struck with hesitation regarding the Genestealers, and by extension the Genesetealer Cult.

You see, I've a fair bit of Genestealers to paint:
-Two full Space Hulk sets (the 2009 and 2014 editions)
-A full first Edition Space Hulk set
-My own personal Space Hulk set (collected and converted from 40K miniatures for my Long term 3D Space Hulk plan)

And a good bit of Genestealers Cultists:
-The content of the Deathwatch Overkill set
-The Genestealer cult I'm building/converting for my own personal Space Hulk Set (Which, once/if ever completed, will include all the miniatures to play every edition of Space Hulk...)
The choice I make for my Genestealers, will also influence this Cult, as they will need to match visually.

Originally I always just assumed I'd be painting them in the Classic Genestealer colour scheme.
As evidenced by my test models here:

But now that I'm on the verge of actually painting the Genestealers from my Space Hulk 2009 set, I'm beset by doubt.
You see, I'm being tempted by a altogether more dark and sinister colour scheme, inspired by the PC game Space Hulk Deathwing... Something more like this:

These pics I found in my Inspirations folder, I have no idea whose these are, sorry. (Curse my digital magpie nature!) If anyone knows, please tell me, so I can give proper credit to an excellent painter!

This will also mean that my Genestealer Cult will follow the same darker and sinister colour palette.
Both the own conversions and the Deathwatch Overkill ones, as these will also be used in combination for Necromunda, Inq28, possibly even 40K.

For the classic 1st edition set, there is no choice, it's self-contained so will be in the classic colour scheme, as an homage to the "good old days".

Leaving me several options for the newer sets and my own collection:
-Everything gets painted in the classic scheme.
-The Space Hulk sets go in the "new" scheme, my own collection (plus Cult) in the classic scheme.
-The reverse: the Space Hulk Sets go in the classic scheme, my own set (plus Cult), go in the "new" scheme.
-Everything in the "new" scheme.
-One set goes in the classic scheme, one set in the "new" scheme (for me, preventing them being combined into a large mega-hulk, because my brain works that way...), my own collection goes in either the new or classic scheme.
And I can't decide...

Of course, the Genestealers and their Cult won't exist in isolation. They'll be inside my Space Hulk terrain (either the cardboard sections, which I assume everyone knows the look of by now) or my 3D terrain, which looks like this:

And they'll be facing my Terminators, consisting of the Blood Angels from the Space Hulk sets (in their traditional colours), a set of Deathwing Terminators, and of course, my own beloved Howling Griffons First Company. Pics for reference below:

My Deathwing squad

The Deathwing and Genestealers in their natural habitat

My Howling Griffons:  

As well as against my =I=Munda/Inq28 Salvage crew:

If you have an idea how I should proceed with the colour scheme, or any other suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to have your feedback in solving this conundrum!

Thanks, and see you next time!

zondag 25 maart 2018

Blood tests

Don't worry, I don't have any scary diseases or conditions!
I've just been doing some test paints for the Blood Angels for Space Hulk. It suddenly caught my fancy to finally paint the box set.  I'm trying to figure out how to quickly paint them, in a satisfactory manner. As I've been discovering the joys of airbrushing over the last few weeks/month, I thought I'd try my luck along that avenue. So research was done (through the medium of Youtube instructions mostly) and air plus paint was sprayed over various miniatures from orphaned projects.

Here are the most promising test subjects:

With the Space Marine getting finished to see the final results.
To be perfectly honest, I'm not yet 100% happy with the outcome of this testing. I seem to be just missing the trick (and/or skill) that is needed to make the vibrant red with deep dramatic shading that I'm after.

I've also forged ahead and did the gold on the Space Hulk set:
 This is after the first airbrush passes. Later this will be gloss varnished, shaded and highlighted. the skulls will be steel and the blood drops will be painted with Tamiya clear red, to give them a vibrant, jewel-like sheen. Then I'll mask that and paint Lord Napsalot sat on it along with rest of the Terminators

I had hoped to paint the Terminators over the Easter weekend. But I still haven't found a satisfactory recipe for red, and I discovered yesterday that between work and private life, I may be better off taking a rest over Easter, instead of going at the airbrush hammer and tongs. My batteries seem to have gone a bit empty, seeing how an afternoon of airbrushing yesterday left me absolutely knackered and a bit testy to boot. No fun for anyone... So the Easter plan may be out the window.

It's no news that my focus has been all over the place lately, another sign that I should really recharge and regroup. So many projects, so little time...
There seems to be a common thread to the things that have caught my fleeting fancy lately though: Necromunda, Space Hulk, building a fantasy dungeon. The common thread seems to be the dark and derelict underbelly and outskirts of mankind and tunnelcrawling. Might as well explore that theme.

See you next time!

zondag 11 maart 2018

Wood, Steel and Gas; Ups and downs

Hi folks!

It's been a fairly busy weekend, so let's tell you about it.
Friday started with a scare, as my wife messaged me at work, that the decorative pieces of apple wood she had in her study had suddenly sprouted holes! Turns out we had a case of interlopers, longhorn beetles to be precise. This was a bit of a scare, as her study is very close to the garage. Where I do all my woodworking. Even more as she found one of the beetles right at the doorstep!
So as soon as I came home friday, I sorted through my wood supply. Sadly my worst fears were confirmed when a lovely large oak tree cross-section I'd been saving for a table showed fresh bore holes.
So a cull of my wood stack was necessary. I had a pile of pallet wood for small projects, that has now been redesignated as campfire wood (more as a precaution). Luckily my fancy woods are treated/kiln-dried and the beetle we found only goes after untreated woods. Still, getting some bug remedy for my wood next week. I'm going to try and save the big oak slab. It's currently sealed in air-tight plastic wrapping with a few pots of alcohol inside, hopefully I can choke/poison most of the bugs that way in preparation for the proper wood treatment.

Saturday afternoon was spent with the airbrush, touching up the primer on my second Necromunda building:

As I had the airbrush out, I also progressed on the Necromunda 2017 cover and doors.
I'd found the proper dilution for the chipping medium, so I've started applying colour to a batch of them, over the rust basecoat:
These require some more faffing about in the future, but so far so good.

I had planned to continue painting my Goliath gang today, but after a visit to the in-laws, my muse thought otherwise. (Fickle thing that she is...)
Never one to argue with inspiration, Gaslands conversions it was. I just pulled out a few cars that I had prepped for conversion (rivets drilled out and metal parts stripped of paint) and started to randomly do thing to them:
I started out with marrying the body of a low-rider pickup truck to the chassis of a bigfoot (The plan is to evoke, rather than outright copy, the bigfoot truck from the latest Mad Max movie). I've been fiddling and adjusting it throughout the afternoon, switching back and forth between it and other conversions. In the back of the picture above you can see a hot-rodded VW Beetle above a donor car that would supply part of it's wheels. I wanted the Beetle as a buggy. I've also added crew to the open-topped Rat Rod. Several cars you see in the pic had nothing done with them today, they were just there to witness the mutilat...erm.."elevation" of their peers.

Here's the Rat Rod with crew (guns and Mad-Maxification to occur at some other time).
Also, the buggy with it's new wheels. (I love the stance it has now!) There is a rather large gap between the rear wheels and the bonnet, this is intentional, as I will be fitting zoomie pipes there. :D
The cab on the Big Foot has reached it's final position as well.

As an encore, I pulled out these two. Same basic car, but the frontmost one has had it's rear wheels/axle mounting replaced to give it more ground clearance and "rake" and it's trunk hatch sawn out (the second one will get it's trunk hatch sawn out as well). Any guesses as to which cars these will be?

See you next time!

maandag 26 februari 2018

Hive Sweet Hive, Part X: The Building Emerges

This weekend I pushed some acrylics around, I did some painting on the Goliaths, but the muse fled me. Luckily the muse of terrain took her place. Which means I managed to finish my first piece of Necromunda terrain. I present to you Silo # 7:

 Don't drink the fluid leaking from the pipes...

And the first batch of ancillary barricades/railings for on the platforms, a single loose barricade and a single walkway:
 Except for the free standing barricade on the bottom, all the railings have been magnetized to connect to the steel tape hidden under the hazard striping of the platforms. As has the bridge.

Here are a set of barricades in situ:
 And here is the bridge, securely mag-locked between the platform and a tin can:
Pretty nifty, right? The magnets under the bridge are mounted in such a way that there is some play to compensate for differences in height between various pieces of scenery.

As I had the airbrush out for the sprayed markings and the varnish over the terrain pieces, I also cranked out these: 
These are now all (almost) ready for the hand-painting stages. Maybe I'll experiment with chipping medium and some weathered paint on the barricades and doors, I just need to experiment on a sacrificial piece first, to get my chipping medium dilution just right. I've been having some trouble getting it to spray and work the way I want to. But that is what the luridly coloured Imperial ruins on the right are for. :)

See you next time!

zondag 18 februari 2018

I'm going to London!

A little over a decade ago, a PC game was released. While the concept/setting and visual design of the game was well handled, it's release and business model... less so. As a result the company that made it died, as did the game. At least officially. Rereleased (initially for Korea only) by a company that had raided the IP and gamecode from the bankruptcy of the studio that produced it. They, also, didn't handle the game well, diluting the original concept and design, not really fixing the existing flaws and bugs in the game (they couldn't, as while they did have the game code and server software, they did not get the source assets and development tools).  The game languished and staggered on, zombielike.  All this while a small core of dedicated fans kept the single player part of the game alive and attempted to mod an improve it where possible. I kept occasionally playing the game. Recently I discovered these fans have achieved the seemingly impossible and revived the multiplayer part of the game as well*.

Ofcourse I'm talking about Hellgate London:

*: For those that also have fond memories of the game and playing it online with friends/strangers, the project can be found on London2038.com.

Why do I tell you all this?
Well, aside from being happy to play the game with others again, this discovery also resparked an old wargaming project, and I painted some mini's for a skirmish version of Hellgate London:

First off, a quartet of Darkspawn Imps:

Armed with a mix of (cursed?) swords and guns (likely cursed as well!), they should be a challenge for any hero, braving the post-apocalyptic streets of London

Second, my third Templar: 

 Armed with a Shockwave (a "gun" with an area of effect centred on the user) and a Toxic Axe and clad in heavy Templar armour she seems determined to plow her way through any opposition.
She's converted from Hasslefree miniatures Powered Armour Libby.

Here's my current roster of Templars:
Of course, the Templars aren't the only survivor faction in the Hellgate London universe. There are also Hunters (ex-military and law enforcement, relying on tech, drones and guns) for which I have a couple of miniatures in stock. And the Cabalists (who use the magic and demonic fetishes, that entered the world when the Hellgates, opened against the demons, turning their own weapons against the invaders), for these I haven't found suitable miniatures (yet). Naturally there are also incidental civilian survivors, for which I can use my zombie survivor miniatures.

And my current roster of demons and demonic beasts:
These can be augmented by my collection of zombies to give a fair bit of opposition. Plus I'd like to build a pair more Fellbores (the creature in the centre with the digging claws) and a third Ravager (the lizard-dog-thing).

One day, I may even find a ruleset suitable for actually gaming with them too... :)

See you next time!