maandag 20 augustus 2018

Tetanus Bridge

So, having a few extra days off this week, I decided to push on with the Necromunda terrain piece:

Base colours and shading are done on the metal parts of (and around) the bridge. These are all over a layer of chipping medium and will be heavily weathered, before getting dulled down with wash and some drybrushing/sponged on fresh rust. So they may seem a little bright and cheery (which the camera for some reason has amplified...). Next step for them is chipping al the paint and sealing it all with matt varnish. After that it's all hand painting to go.

As I had some spare time and a full compressor tank when this was finished I also primered the 20 Chaos marines I had ready for the army speed build project, and gave their shoulderpads their base colour and shading with the airbrush. Next step for them is airbrushing the main colour and then handpainting the details.

See you next time!

zaterdag 18 augustus 2018

Long time, no see!

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?
I guess that's the summer for you...

I haven't been completely idle on the hobby front, I've just been working in short bursts and have neglected to take photo's and post about it. Sorry about that!
Now, what have I been up to?  Read on below...

zondag 10 juni 2018

Whatever floats your boat...

So, another multi-week update it is!
I've been less active hobbywise a little bit lately, more hours at work and the missus' new job means we had to re-arrange our daily rythm and tasks a bit, leaving me with less energy for the hobby.

But that doesn't mean I've been sitting still completely.
I've made some progress on the Grav-skiff/"float boat" for Mare Solum/Inquisimunda/Necromunda. The grav-panels and propulsor engines have been installed:
  The prow is nearly finished as well: Mesh windows, and a twin autocannon turret:
The picture above is missing the searchlight that's magnetised to the little dome on top of the cabin.
The autocannons are magnetised to a metal strip (the white part) in the turret, to they can be positioned and, more importantly, swapped out for other gear. (Please excuse the black smears, to prevent the inside of the ship showing through  the mesh, I had to primer the interior black, a few wayward fingers left evidence of their passing...)

I'm currently building the attachments for the two ball-turrets in the front of the hull, these are also magnetised to accept either: a pair of electro-goads, a barrel for either an odd pattern of autocannon or maybe chem-sprayers and a pair of directional shield-generators. The latter I still need to build.

The ship also needs a steering station on the rear wall of the cabin, where there is precisely space to place a 25mm base. I'm thinking of adding some sort of steering/stabiliser fins to the spots where the original model had it's propellors.
The turret still needs it's alternate gear: a twin-linked harpoon cannon and an elaborate sensor-suite.
And then there is making the thing look like a working vessel: Tarps, tools and cabling here and there, as well as the (remains/attachment points for) gear that shows that this is a retrofitted civillian/working vessel. Oh, and a definitive base.

The idea is for this ship to be able to swap equipment so that I can use it as a harpoon-hunting vessel, a research vessel or a gunboat, or any hybrid of the three, depending on what the scenario/story requires at any point.   I can see this thing hunting Sump Spiders on Necromunda, or transporting a covert Inquisitor for a raid on a remote island base or for explorers or salvagers to gather intel on some strange readings just of the coast off some island on Innsmouth Secundus/Mare Solum... ;)
It's not for a particular warband or project, just something that caught my imagination on the Mare Solum Facebook group and I just had to build.

Aside from this project, a friend bought an Imperial Knight (just a week before the new releases were announced by GW) and asked me to help assemble/magnetise it. Here's the carapace pieces and the mechanical skeleton separated out after assembly and before painting.

It;s a really cool kit, great to build. If I weren't "forbidden" from buying it before my birthday next month by my wife (I swear she's up to something... ;)  ), I'd have pre-ordered the Imperial Knights: Renegade box for myself.  I've always liked the 40K Knights, and with previous releases I've managed to stay sensible, but this year's Knight releases may push me into starting a Household of my own!

As I was inspired by the big Knight, I decided to assemble (and mildly convert) the tiny ones I do have:
After all, if I do cave, I can use them as colour scheme testers, or if I end up not starting a Knights army, I can use these to play "travel" Imperial Knights: Renegade. Just get the rules from somewhere and replace inches with centimetres.

See you next time!

maandag 21 mei 2018

Time for an update!

So, it's been a few weeks since my last post. But I haven't been idle. (Just lazy with posting... My apologies!)
Time to catch up. What have I been up to?
Mostly, I've been spending my hobby time experimenting with the airbrush and finding it quite entertaining.
Here are some of the projects I've been working on, most are an excuse to get time in with the airbrush, get used to things.

A Zero:

 This plane is a trial run for the J7W1 Shinden kit that I have. I want to get colours and techniques sorted out before I start on that kit. At this stage it needs decals and brushpainted details.

To keep in the Japanese theme, I've also been slowly but surely working on a 90mm display model of a female Samurai. With this one I'm taking my time as I want this one to be display-worthy, not just a throwaway practice project. The model and subject simply deserves it. To that end, I've also made a (simple) display plinth for her:

(As you can see in the background, I also hammered out a quick squad of Necrons for 40K/=I=Munda skirmishes.)
The lady Samurai has also reached the brush-painting stage this weekend, so I'll be spending some time with her on the painting desk over the next couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to the final result, but I'm not willing to rush the model. Best take my time for optimum result. With this model I've really discovered the joys of Blu Tac masking.

The final (current) airbrush experiment has been a Warhammer 40K Eldar Vyper. I don't play Eldar, or own any more models of them beyond this one. I just got this one once from someone who knew I was "into that Warhammers stuff", and maybe I could do something with it. So a good excuse to tackle a model and a colour I wouldn't quickly choose for other projects:

Main lessons from this one: Airbrushing is really, really cool (but that's really a lesson learned from all these projects!), have the patience to wait for things to dry, and don't remove masking until you're ready to either stop painting or can safely put the masked item aside from any overspray....

I've also been building some Deffkoptas and painting another trio of Meganobz for my Ork army.

And with the weather being as nice as it is the last few weeks, I've also taken the occasional night off for some late night flame staring sessions:
I've missed out on Militracks this year, due to budgetary and planning constraints, but will be sure to rectify that next year!

What is in the project qeue after these? 
There is still a piece of Necromunda terrain to airbrush the base colours on, my Goliath gang needs finishing, I'd like to do some more on my Orks, especially the Stompa is starting it's siren call for the airbrush... I still want to build a skimmer boat inspired by the Mare Solum facebook group (an alternate Necromunda setting, placed on an ocean world, really intriguing stuff!). And I have a pair of larger scale Battletech/Macross robot kits that I'd like to paint. GW has announced Adeptus Titanicus for August and the models are looking mighty appealing.
Plus I'm still combing through my stockpile for quick projects that allow me more airbrush practice...
Whew! I need longer weekends!

Here we are, all caught up...

See you next time!

zondag 22 april 2018

Howling at the moon, in a big way

Not a lot of juice/time for hobby stuff the past few weekends. Nevertheless, as part of my journey of discovery concerning the airbrush, I've been thinking about and revisiting old (often) stalled projects that could benefit from a little airbrush action.
Mainly as I don't like practicing for practice's sake (just spending an afternoon doing dots and lines would drive me mad!). Doing a project that would otherwise languish gives me a purpose to trying things out, as well as getting that little bit more from the WIP Cupboard to the display cabinet.
Before w continue, this post requires a song...

I've had a converted Inquisitor scale Space Wolf in the WIP Cupboard for ages ("I bought the figure when Inquisitor came out, and did the conversion while Inquisitor was still sold in the stores"-kind of ages...)
I'd always balked at actually painting him, as I didn't know how to go about smoothly shading and highlighting such large expanses of grey. But, guess what? Airbrush! :)

Here is my own hero of Fenris:

 And to show what a beast a marine is, next to a "normal" human:
The greys, power axe and the yellow on his kneepad and shoulder have been done with the Airbrush, everything else is done by brush.

Fenris Hjolda!
See you next time!

maandag 2 april 2018

Part two: Colour Conundrum: Space Hulk (seeking advice!)

In attempt to settle matters for myself, I've painted a pair of test models for the alternate colour scheme today.
Here's a few shots of the old and new scheme to compare them:

The new scheme:

My version of the classic scheme:

And both side by side:

Of course, I'll have to stare at them a bit, to see which way the coin falls. On the one hand the classic scheme does have the weight of nostalgia behind it. On the other hand, the new scheme looks rather cool, and the speed at which I can knock them out.
I'd like to have your input, which colours scheme would you prefer?

See you next time!

zaterdag 31 maart 2018

Colour Conundrum: Space Hulk (seeking advice!)

I've been fiddling around with my Space Hulk miniatures again, and I'm struck with hesitation regarding the Genestealers, and by extension the Genesetealer Cult.

You see, I've a fair bit of Genestealers to paint:
-Two full Space Hulk sets (the 2009 and 2014 editions)
-A full first Edition Space Hulk set
-My own personal Space Hulk set (collected and converted from 40K miniatures for my Long term 3D Space Hulk plan)

And a good bit of Genestealers Cultists:
-The content of the Deathwatch Overkill set
-The Genestealer cult I'm building/converting for my own personal Space Hulk Set (Which, once/if ever completed, will include all the miniatures to play every edition of Space Hulk...)
The choice I make for my Genestealers, will also influence this Cult, as they will need to match visually.

Originally I always just assumed I'd be painting them in the Classic Genestealer colour scheme.
As evidenced by my test models here:

But now that I'm on the verge of actually painting the Genestealers from my Space Hulk 2009 set, I'm beset by doubt.
You see, I'm being tempted by a altogether more dark and sinister colour scheme, inspired by the PC game Space Hulk Deathwing... Something more like this:

These pics I found in my Inspirations folder, I have no idea whose these are, sorry. (Curse my digital magpie nature!) If anyone knows, please tell me, so I can give proper credit to an excellent painter!

This will also mean that my Genestealer Cult will follow the same darker and sinister colour palette.
Both the own conversions and the Deathwatch Overkill ones, as these will also be used in combination for Necromunda, Inq28, possibly even 40K.

For the classic 1st edition set, there is no choice, it's self-contained so will be in the classic colour scheme, as an homage to the "good old days".

Leaving me several options for the newer sets and my own collection:
-Everything gets painted in the classic scheme.
-The Space Hulk sets go in the "new" scheme, my own collection (plus Cult) in the classic scheme.
-The reverse: the Space Hulk Sets go in the classic scheme, my own set (plus Cult), go in the "new" scheme.
-Everything in the "new" scheme.
-One set goes in the classic scheme, one set in the "new" scheme (for me, preventing them being combined into a large mega-hulk, because my brain works that way...), my own collection goes in either the new or classic scheme.
And I can't decide...

Of course, the Genestealers and their Cult won't exist in isolation. They'll be inside my Space Hulk terrain (either the cardboard sections, which I assume everyone knows the look of by now) or my 3D terrain, which looks like this:

And they'll be facing my Terminators, consisting of the Blood Angels from the Space Hulk sets (in their traditional colours), a set of Deathwing Terminators, and of course, my own beloved Howling Griffons First Company. Pics for reference below:

My Deathwing squad

The Deathwing and Genestealers in their natural habitat

My Howling Griffons:  

As well as against my =I=Munda/Inq28 Salvage crew:

If you have an idea how I should proceed with the colour scheme, or any other suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to have your feedback in solving this conundrum!

Thanks, and see you next time!