zondag 26 juli 2015

Places of Power

Well, they're done:
Five stone circles for the mages and mystics of my fantasy games to draw power from.
(Now I just need to get some mages and/or mystics actually painted...)

Until next time!

maandag 6 juli 2015

Just standing around...

As you may have noticed, I haven't been really active recently, hobby-wise.
The creative juices have dried up, it seems. But today I had an idea for a quick, fun project and, having the afternoon off, decided to not let inspiration go to waste!

So, out came the stack of useless old CD's, the foam and foamcutter and there I was, a bit later:
A group of mystical standing stones, somewhat inspired by a fantasy PC-game franchise I'm rather fond of. For those in the know, the sigils on the central stones should give it away. (One internet cookie for whoever guesses it first, I believe is the custom? ;P )

I'll finish and paint these when I have the time and the mood strikes me. Maybe, in the future I'll make some loose standing stones so I can make larger henge formations, or maybe make a few more historical looking standing stones as well.
Until then, these should nicely provide my wizards, sorceresses and various mystics with a useful arcane powerboost, once I paint them, that is! (Yes, I mean both the stone circles and the miniatures....)

See you all next time!

vrijdag 3 juli 2015

Dungeon Kickstarter

I've totally forgotten to show you this kickstarter by Manorhouse Workshop in collaboration with Maki Games:
Modular Underground Project
Being plastic and based on 10cm squares, it would be perfect for many a dungeon game, the upcoming Privateer Press Corvis Underground boardgame (though you'd need a fair few sets to remake the board with these sections) as far as fantasy goes. You could also use it for pulp games, or even sci-fi games (it reminds me an afwul lot of Hellgate London's sewer levels, for example, or some of the Metro 2033 stuff.
They've demonstrated its compatibility with several major other modular dungeon systems.
Here's what it looks like, once painted:

It currently seems to be flagging a bit, so please, have a look and if you like it spread the word!