maandag 3 december 2018

Standing on the Precipice

Well, this weekend I managed to get all the miniatures for Blackstone Fortress assembled:

I decided that simply painting in the glowing lines that represent seams in the material of the Blackstone fortress wasn't enough for me. So out came the panel line scriber and a metal ruler:
In theory I could play a game of Blackstone Fortress now. But I really want to try and paint them all before I do so... Luckily with an airbrush priming and basecoating (parts of the) mini's should go somewhat quickly.

See you next time!

zaterdag 1 december 2018

Catching up

Hi folks,

Been a few weeks, sorry for not updating in the meantime.

A certain project that I made as a gift for a pair of Youtubers I really like has been received by them and so now I can share it with you.
The Youtubers in question are Snipe and Wib and the gift was a set of custom Gaslands cars in the colours of their own Space Marine Chapter, the Cardinal Archivists. I found out for each what their favorite kind of car was in the game and built them one.

Here the cars are pre-primer and painting:
 As you can see, the roofs of the cars are covered in steel tape, allowing the guns to be attached with magnets.

And the cars once painted (main colours and chapter marking done with airbrush):

I even managed to insert some drivers (somewhat) resembling the intended owners:

Both cars have been personalized to their owner, each sporting a favoured catchphrase and of course, Snipe's beloved antlers on the hood:

I also totally forgot to show you the group of Cyberpunk elite soldiers/special ops team I painted a few weeks ago:
These are old "Legions of Steel" Earth troopers, given a quick basecoat and shade with the airbrush before handpainting the details. First time in years I've used decals as well. Just a quick job to get them out of the Cabinet of Shame (more like a Room of Shame!) and table ready for when Osprey's Cyberpunk rules come out sometime next year.

The Multiverse Gaming terrain is on hold for the moment, sadly, for a combination of reasons:

For one, I want to incorporate LEDs (see previous posts about the terrain), but I found I'm getting cold feet about trying something new that I don't totally feel comfortable with in such a large project. So I will have to find/build a quick terrain project to serve as a test bed and confidence builder.

Second reason is that I've been losing the energy for large(r) hobby endeavours at the moment, due to some worry about my mother's deteriorating state of health, which means sitting idly by the sidelines as professionals essentially decide her fate. Most likely she'll need to go to a home for the elderly as she is no longer capable of taking care of herself, and no longer sound enough of mind to arrange her own affairs.

Third reason, and one that has only "materialized" this week is Blackstone Fortress. My copy arrived last Thursday, and I've spent today looking at the contents of the box, leafing the books. I've also made a start at assembling the miniatures. I assume this will be taking up my hobby time the coming weeks/months. I've always liked dungeoncrawler games, and to finally have one for 40K is quite exciting! The mini's are gorgeous, I hope the game is of similar quality as the plastics. Hopefully I'll have some worthwhile pictures for my next post.

See you all next time!