maandag 8 september 2014


I took the afternoon off to paint the recently finished Space Hulk corner. I just couldn't wait to get cracking on it!
After a pleasant afternoon painting in the sun, here are the results:

Though I'm calling it finished today, I may get back to it tomorrow and add some fluid leakage to the big fan, maybe grime the high wall grilles a bit as well. I'm not certain yet.

And because I can't help myself, here's a quick action shot, and an overview of all the pieces finished so far:
(7 down, 31 left... Plus 6 rooms and 5 dead ends and any extras to make it fit for 3rd edition. I'll need all the counters and markers too. Oh, dear, this will take a bit of work, won't it?)

zondag 7 september 2014

Hulking out

Remember how, in my last post,  I said I was enthusiastically working on my Orks again? Well, guess what...

I'm not.

For some reason, that single true scale Space Marine kept a prominent place on my workbench. Then he got joined by a WIP Terminator, then another, and suddenly I was working on my Space Hulk again... I've got three more Terminators assembled, ready to get plastered in bling.
As an added bonus, my son was on a sleep-over this weekend, so I could claim his play area as a workspace for two whole days! Which resulted in a new Space Hulk corridor section getting ready for paint, the first one I've done in, uh, five years or so...
Here it is:

As you can see, it's a corner which is dominated by a major outlet of the ship's air circulation system.

For some reason the corridor as it is now somehow looks barren to me, it may be the large amount of white plasticard...
I think it will paint up quite nicely though.

This is what it will be added to:
Yeah, it'll take me a bit before I get enough corridor sections for even the first mission...
But hey, I'm not in a hurry. I'd rather build it well than build it quick.

Aside from finishing off the corridor I showed at the start of this post, I also got a bit done on a second passage. It will be a part of the vessel's Ossuarium, where the bones of deceased ratings are kept. No pictures, as it's just a jumble of separate parts right now, but I can say that it features enough skulls that I could build ten corridors without a single skull and still make the GW Terrain Skull Quota. :D
Now I just have to wait until I get another chance to work on it. Oh, well, in the meantime I can continue work on the Terminators and Genestealers (and Hybrids) for the project.