zondag 16 juni 2019

A Derelict Citiplex, continued (aka part 6)

Still awaiting suitable battery holders for the food stalls, so why not get going on the Multiverse Vault Builder terrain set? It's been a while since progress were made, and seeing how I intend it to form the backbone of both my Necromunda and Cyberpunk gaming indoor terrain, I'd best get on it!

 A while back I built a double-length wall, as a test of concept (I don't remember if I showed that one at the time?). It was meant to prepare myself for the second lit feature of this terrain set:  A wall with two malfunctioning lighting units. Well, this weekend, that one got completed:

The modification involved a fair bit of hacking the wall system, as you can see above. First to make the wall double length, and then to drill the holes for the leds (below) as well as saw out the recess for the battery pack (above).

 Here you can see the leds, with their transparent resin hoods glued in place:
I mustn't forget to mask these before primering!

Additionally, I also built a regular wall section, and using the left over parts from one of the double-length sections, I made a connector wall with two "male" ends:

Great for keeping doors in place, relative to pillars, or connecting larger sections of walls together.

Here are the non-lit walls, all together:

The pieces of mdf you see there are offcuts from the "sprue" the walls and floor connectors came from, cut to size and fitted with a strip of magnetic sheet, so they can attach to the steel strip some wall sections have. I will paint these as signage.

See you next time!

maandag 10 juni 2019

Just a quick update from the gritty urban future..

Not much hobby this weekend, as the past week has been a non-stop rollercoaster with regards to my mother. Saturday we cleared out her cabin in the woods, so a professional company could remove the asbestos roofing before demolition. As the cabin has laid neglected for nearly two decades, and had been squatted in by a vagrant/crook with no sense of sanitation/personal property, this was a rather gruelling task...
As my mother is currently being diagnosed to see if she is still capable of living on her own, we had an update meeting with the diagnostic centre where she had been committed the past two months. The confirmed that she could no longer live on her own... But during the meeting it came to light they had forgotten to tell us that she would be released on the sixth of june, two days after the meeting!
So a few days of lots of stress and anxiety, followed by news from the centre: they could extend her stay until july 1st at the latest. Giving us a lot more time to arrange things. What a relief!

And then, this weekend, CD Project Red went ahead and did this:

And immediately, my mind went back to my Multiverse Vault set (still unfinished...sadly) and the Cyberpunk additions I bought for it. So I built those, as they are a relatively quick project.
So here I am tonight:
The lights are temporary, circuits I had already soldered for other terrain items, yet to be built. Hopefully over the next few weeks, I can build the lighting to mount on the inside of the roof and get these painted, and maybe move forward on the Multiverse terrain as well.

See you next time!