dinsdag 19 november 2013

Winter is coming...

Yeah, I know, tacky, overused title, but the alternative was  "Guards, guards!" .

You see, I've (finally) finished my basic unit of Winterguard:
(The photo isn't the greatest, crappy light today....)

I actually started on this unit several years(!) ago, back in the days of Mk1, it has lingered in the to-do pile far longer than it deserved.
I've still got my Rocketeers and UA in blister, they're the next batch of Winter Guard. Not next up on the painting table though. I have other units already based and ready for primer. Which those are? You'll see eventually, I haven't yet decided where to start myself...
Plus I've promised myself a solo or other single model as a reward for finishing a unit. (I find painting units a bit of a chore. A relaxing chore mind you, but still lower on the fun-o-meter than spending some time with a single figure. Apparently I'm no good with repetitive work.)

So, what else have I been up lately, now that Zomtober has passed?
I've played the Halloween zombie game I had planned. A little less turnout that I had hoped for, but we still had fun.  No AAR, as we all forgot to take regular pictures... Like some sort of Morbid Martha Steward I baked cookies... Zombie finger shortbread to be precise, which got a laugh from folk and were nommed with some enthusiasm. :-)
As far as the Great Garage Purge goes; I worked up the nerve to sort out and re-organise my collection of stuff (raw materials and models) for the Space Hulk 3D/Howling Griffons/Genestealer Cult conjoined-hybrid project. That stuff is now properly organised, neatly tucked away and I have a clearer view of what I already own. Hopefully that should lower the hurdle for actually starting on that again. The former sprawl of disorganised crap was rather, erm, dissuasive to actually, well, even going near it...
Which means that the garage is nearly done, just some minor stuff still to sort and then the final organising and stowing of stuff.

I've played a game of  Warmachine Mk2, a nice little introductory 15 point affair with a good mate of mine. I got solidly trounced (He's got at least double my years of wargaming under his belt and a keen mind for nasty tricks...), but it was a blast!
Hence my renewed painting of Warmachine stuff.

See you next time!