zondag 22 april 2018

Howling at the moon, in a big way

Not a lot of juice/time for hobby stuff the past few weekends. Nevertheless, as part of my journey of discovery concerning the airbrush, I've been thinking about and revisiting old (often) stalled projects that could benefit from a little airbrush action.
Mainly as I don't like practicing for practice's sake (just spending an afternoon doing dots and lines would drive me mad!). Doing a project that would otherwise languish gives me a purpose to trying things out, as well as getting that little bit more from the WIP Cupboard to the display cabinet.
Before w continue, this post requires a song...

I've had a converted Inquisitor scale Space Wolf in the WIP Cupboard for ages ("I bought the figure when Inquisitor came out, and did the conversion while Inquisitor was still sold in the stores"-kind of ages...)
I'd always balked at actually painting him, as I didn't know how to go about smoothly shading and highlighting such large expanses of grey. But, guess what? Airbrush! :)

Here is my own hero of Fenris:

 And to show what a beast a marine is, next to a "normal" human:
The greys, power axe and the yellow on his kneepad and shoulder have been done with the Airbrush, everything else is done by brush.

Fenris Hjolda!
See you next time!

maandag 2 april 2018

Part two: Colour Conundrum: Space Hulk (seeking advice!)

In attempt to settle matters for myself, I've painted a pair of test models for the alternate colour scheme today.
Here's a few shots of the old and new scheme to compare them:

The new scheme:

My version of the classic scheme:

And both side by side:

Of course, I'll have to stare at them a bit, to see which way the coin falls. On the one hand the classic scheme does have the weight of nostalgia behind it. On the other hand, the new scheme looks rather cool, and the speed at which I can knock them out.
I'd like to have your input, which colours scheme would you prefer?

See you next time!