woensdag 28 november 2012

Long overdue update

Hi Folks,

It's been a quiet time, hobbywise, for me lately.
I've been to Crisis 2012 (Lovely show, much improved by the new venue!), bought and read the new Iron Kingdoms RPG book (will need to play it to really evaluate it, it's so different from what has come before), assembled a few 4Ground wagons and carts (nice kits!) and I've painted this guy:

It's the rogue Warcaster from the Iron Kingdoms RPG line of miniatures.
I had some difficulty choosing a colour scheme for him, so I just settled on bare metal armour...
All other pics refused to be in focus, so no view of his behind, sorry.

The figures behind him are a pair of converted laborjacks that I made well before I started this blog. Plus a Gobber mechanik. In the background is lurking a barely started Arcane Mechanik (from the Iron Kingdoms miniatures line as well).

Okay, then, one more picture, because I've kept you waiting so long:
The one and only Warcaster Charioteer! :-D