zaterdag 17 augustus 2019

The faceless crowds

Yesterday a bag of 1/50 scale railroad  passengers arrived at my home.
Today, they are finished... It must have been the fastest turnaround I ever had for mini's!
Well, mini's, tokens rather.
I've been looking forward to getting my hands on Reality's Edge, a cyberpunk skirmish wargame from Osprey. For certain scenarios in the game you need up to 3 "mobs" of bystanders on a 4" diameter base and up to 6 separate ones on 1" bases.

 Yesterday I set to work with some plasticard and a circle cutter. Luckily the figures are styrene, which means I can glue them to the base with regular plastic glue.
Today I had a quick session with the airbrush, to get them finished. I wanted them to represent the "faceless, grey masses of humanity" that often feature in cyberpunk fiction. So, I decided to do them monotone grey, a simple zenithal shading job, up from black primer, followed by two tones of grey. The base I painted with the darker tone of grey, followed by a rough pass with a ivory sand paint, to get a bit of contrast between the cold grey of the figures, and a slightly warmer tone for the base.

Cleaning mold lines and attaching them to the bases (The Space Marines are there to ensure I leave space for a miniature in the base: the rules allow for certain figures to hide in crowds):

All assembled, ready for primer:

 Painting done. Monochrome and anonymous, so the terrain and operatives can shine:

 And with two of the food stalls I'm also still working on.
Maybe, just maybe, at some point in the future, IF the monotone does turn out to clash with the painted terrain too much, I may add some muted colours with washes here and there. But at this point, I'm considering them finished.

Can't wait go get my hands on the rules themselves and dig in!

See you next time!

maandag 12 augustus 2019

High-tech lowlifes street food.

I had a long weekend this weekend, which gave me a bit more time to do hobby stuff. As a result the airbrushing stage of my three Cyberpunk food stalls has been finished. They are made by Micro Art Studio for Infinity. But they will work for any cyberpunk setting. Mine aren't quite as gaudy as the originals, though I did add some decoration. What is left now is adding some washes, detail painting and weathering/chipping/grime by more "traditional" painting. As I was at it, I also did a set of data terminals and an info hub. Because you do need something to hack at some point. ;)

Here are the WIP pictures:

The info hub is a first attempt at airbrush OSL, but I'm not as neat/skilled as I would want to be with it. I think it's acceptable for a scatter terrain piece, though. 

Roofs and doors are kept separate, so mini's may make use of the cover they provide. 
I may add some bits and pieces to the stalls in the future. To show they are food/tech/whatever vendors. Perhaps as loose inserts, so I can get more functionality from them. Now to find a source of tiny sauce bottles, takeway cartons/bowls, etc...

See you next time!

zondag 4 augustus 2019

Post vacation update.

Well, that took me a while now...

Lots of stuff took my attention away from the hobby for a bit:
-Studying for a qualification that would net me a "permanent" contract at my workplace. (I succeeded on the exam, so now I'm once more in permanent employment. Yay for financial security!)
-Work was busy, so often in the evenings my batteries were drained.
-The efforts to get my mother into the necessary psycho-geriatric care are still ongoing. But there seems to progress.

But I've now arrived at the last day of my three week summer leave, and have remedied the lack of hobby progress...  I had to spend the first week of it studying for the qualification exam. After that was done I could get down to serious relaxing.  I had brought my painting kit along on vacation, plus a squad of my Word Bearers and a squad of Chaos Cultists I'd paint for a friend. I figured I'd finish one or the other this vacation. That's not exactly how it went.....

I finished both! As well as a second squad of Word Bearers, when we went home for a day in-between!

Here they all are:
The gunnery squad. Both the unit champion and the specialist have been partially magnetized, to give them a measure of flexibility in their loadouts.

The assault squad. Here only the specialist is magnetized.

The cultists are un-based, as my friend will handle the basing himself.

Part of the reason they all went so fast is because I had a clearly set out goal to paint these to a tabletop standard and not lavish too much time on them (I will be taking more time for centrepiece models, but rank-and-file I'll be focussing on speed and looks en-masse.)
I had taken a headstart on the basecoat a while back with the airbrush, giving them a zenithal primer and airbrushing on the red of their armour. After that it was mostly just basecoating the details, giving the models an all-over wash and adding some selective drybrushed highlights here and there. Basing was done equally quickly with a GW basing mix (Agrellan badlands, I believe) followed by a wash and a drybrush.
I've currently got an Aspiring Champion, a (Finecast) Dark Apostle and a Master of Possessions ready for primer. Those I'll spend some more time on painting. And I'm building a unit of 10 possessed and a Hellbrute to be the second batch of rank-and-file models to speedpaint.
That should get me the core of a Word Bearers army in a relatively short amount of time.

My goals for this project are to:
A. Get an army done within a (for me) reasonable amount of time spent. (Not counting the occasional hiatus. Like the one the past few months, between doing the basecoat and actually finishing the models this month....)
B. Finally do something with the stockpile of Chaos models I've had since 4th/5th Edition 40K.
C. Actually, finally, own a fully painted, functional army, other than my Orks, which are now 3-4 editions behind the times. (They still work, but I lack all the fancy gear from the Post-Stompa era...)

Ofcourse, this throws a spanner in my plans to work on preparations for the release of Reality's Edge, the Cyberpunk skirmish game from Osprey... But eh, the muse flies where she flies.

See you next time!

zondag 16 juni 2019

A Derelict Citiplex, continued (aka part 6)

Still awaiting suitable battery holders for the food stalls, so why not get going on the Multiverse Vault Builder terrain set? It's been a while since progress were made, and seeing how I intend it to form the backbone of both my Necromunda and Cyberpunk gaming indoor terrain, I'd best get on it!

 A while back I built a double-length wall, as a test of concept (I don't remember if I showed that one at the time?). It was meant to prepare myself for the second lit feature of this terrain set:  A wall with two malfunctioning lighting units. Well, this weekend, that one got completed:

The modification involved a fair bit of hacking the wall system, as you can see above. First to make the wall double length, and then to drill the holes for the leds (below) as well as saw out the recess for the battery pack (above).

 Here you can see the leds, with their transparent resin hoods glued in place:
I mustn't forget to mask these before primering!

Additionally, I also built a regular wall section, and using the left over parts from one of the double-length sections, I made a connector wall with two "male" ends:

Great for keeping doors in place, relative to pillars, or connecting larger sections of walls together.

Here are the non-lit walls, all together:

The pieces of mdf you see there are offcuts from the "sprue" the walls and floor connectors came from, cut to size and fitted with a strip of magnetic sheet, so they can attach to the steel strip some wall sections have. I will paint these as signage.

See you next time!

maandag 10 juni 2019

Just a quick update from the gritty urban future..

Not much hobby this weekend, as the past week has been a non-stop rollercoaster with regards to my mother. Saturday we cleared out her cabin in the woods, so a professional company could remove the asbestos roofing before demolition. As the cabin has laid neglected for nearly two decades, and had been squatted in by a vagrant/crook with no sense of sanitation/personal property, this was a rather gruelling task...
As my mother is currently being diagnosed to see if she is still capable of living on her own, we had an update meeting with the diagnostic centre where she had been committed the past two months. The confirmed that she could no longer live on her own... But during the meeting it came to light they had forgotten to tell us that she would be released on the sixth of june, two days after the meeting!
So a few days of lots of stress and anxiety, followed by news from the centre: they could extend her stay until july 1st at the latest. Giving us a lot more time to arrange things. What a relief!

And then, this weekend, CD Project Red went ahead and did this:

And immediately, my mind went back to my Multiverse Vault set (still unfinished...sadly) and the Cyberpunk additions I bought for it. So I built those, as they are a relatively quick project.
So here I am tonight:
The lights are temporary, circuits I had already soldered for other terrain items, yet to be built. Hopefully over the next few weeks, I can build the lighting to mount on the inside of the roof and get these painted, and maybe move forward on the Multiverse terrain as well.

See you next time!

dinsdag 28 mei 2019

Knights and hovels

Time for another update:

Work on the farm has stalled a bit, as I need to start doing things in Balsa, and I need to dig out my balsa stash and get used to working with the material again. Also, I've been out of the running with a bad cold/mild flu the past week (I need to be able to talk all day for my work, so not having use of my voice effectively puts me out of commission). I needed a project I could easily pick up and put down to make use of the time I wasn't actively being ill.
Inspired by a Twitch stream of someone painting their Adeptus Titanicus stuff, I decided to use the bursts of time where I could do stuff to continue building my Imperial Knight.
I do want to continue working on the farming village, and working on the Knight gave me an idea: Imperial Knight worlds are usually Feudal worlds... I could, ofcourse, build some "40K-ified" additions to the farm to use it as a Feudal World setting. Put an Ambot in a shack, an agricultural servitor somewhere. A data-shrine in a corner. Just enough to add some Grimdark to a very pastoral medieval setting. I'm still having this idea fermenting in my head, so any pictures will be some time out. For now, I'll just focus on finishing the first farm.

Also, I played a game of "What a Tanker!" the week before that with Gunbird and that was quite a bit of fun. So I'm looking forward to playing more of that in the future.
Also BFG is still on the books somewhere, and I really should be completing the terrain set for that. Build some gas/dust clouds and markers for solar and radiation flares as well as a sunward edge markers and I should have the essentials, giving me more time for extras such as Warp Rifts and fleet support vessels. (Oh, and I really should start working on that certification for work...)

Anyway, here are some pictures of my activities:

The base frame of the Knight, with the carapace on top, but unglued.

 And all the additional parts that will be painted separately. As you can see I've magnetized all the weaponry. For heraldry I want to go with a more medieval/Bretonnian style, so the shields will bear individual heraldry instead of just the house crest. I also want to add pennants and streamers to various parts of the model, just make it look more noble and knightly. Here and there I will also hang shields displaying the heraldry of honoured allies that Knight fought alongside. These will include, among others the Space Wolves and Howling Griffons (the chapters I build/collect), the Scythes of the Emperor (as an homage to Shas'El Tael/Sebastian) and the Cardinal Archivists, the homebrew chapter of the Snipe and Wib community.

This will be the crest of my Knightly House (blatantly stolen from the Darkest Dungeon game...):
 Still undecided about the name, thinking of going with House Dravion (named after a DnD character I'm currently playing... Yes, I'm a Nerdus Universalis. :D ) Ofcourse I won't be freehanding this across the entire Household-to-be, so I'll be dipping my toe into home-made transfers... Plus I'm seriously considering lighting up the next Knight I build.

This was the final outcome of the game of What a Tanker! My tank rammed Gunbirds, but caused so much damage we deemed it a Monster Truck style run over.

Oh, and I forget to mention last time, that due to a purchasing error, I had only bulls and oxen for my medieval village. So half of the oxen found themselves modified to have udders, giving me a mixed population of bulls, oxen and cows: 
 The lengths I go to....

See you all next time! (No telling what the project will be then, focus is non-cooperative at the moment...)

zondag 19 mei 2019


This weekend I've been making drystone walls for my 14th century medieval/fantasy village project.
After viewing a few tutorials on Youtube, I decided to go the "gravel and PVA in a mould" route:

A traditional Dwarven breakfast porridge. :D

Put it into a mould with some baking paper:
Leave to thoroughly dry and harden and you have:

Dwarven Granola Bars! :D

I had to do a quick test layout:
Need to fill some gaps on the undersides, but this will work nicely!

Time to get basing!
And a little farm setup with the Perry Miniatures medieval cottage.  Just need to stick some pigs in the wattle pen, cows or corn in the stonewalled fields.
I still need to build one or two wooden gates, as these will probably used for sheep/cow meadows. And then I can start painting this batch!

After that I want to add a chicken coop, some veggie gardens and a midden pile, and then I think I can call this first farm complete. Maybe some random tools and farm implements as scatter terrain.

See you next time!

maandag 13 mei 2019

Doing a bit of World-building

So, been a few weeks since last post, and I've been doing some stuff, so it's high time I shared it with you:

I've started on my Super-Battleship for Battlefleet Gothic (the vessel in the background is a Retribution Class Battleship. The largest class of official ship models for the game...) 
Once fully built, the Super-Battleship will have a double gun deck. It's a bit smaller than some Super-Battleship conversions/scratch builds out there, but I think this size to be a bit more believable.

I've also been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and so got inspired to pick at my Medieval/Fantasy Village again. I prepped and primed my villagers and livestock.
Hopefully somewhere in the future I'll be able to get them painted as well... ;) And build the village for them to live in... I think I have all the materials by now, just need to keep up the momentum/enthusiasm and hunker down for a few weekends. Unfortunately, all weekends for the coming month and a half have been booked full...

But the biggest thing I did the past few weekends is a set of planets and moons for BFG. An airbrush makes amazingly quick work of painting entire planets!
As you can see from the various views, they all come with a day and night side, to more easily show the sunward edge of the gaming table. 




My gaming buddies are still focussed on playing a BFG campaign later this year, so these hopefully see use soon. One needs to refurbish a fleet, and the two others want to build/collect their own fleet from scratch, which is a bit of a challenge. Luckily, if they can't get it all together in time, I've got plenty of fleet(s) for them to loan for the time being. 

So, that's everything caught up again. I'll  likely be hobbbying a bit less the coming weeks, due to, as I said a busy calendar, and I really should start studying for a certification at work. But such is life.
See you next time!

maandag 22 april 2019

In the deep dark of space, no-one can hear you rock.

This post was a bit longer in the making, I finished these fairly shortly after the previous post, but due to circumstances I didn't have the time or rest to set up a quick backdrop for pictures. I did now, so here are the asteroids I made as what I am now considering the  "BFG 20 Year Anniversary Upgrade Effort":

The asteroids themselves on the paint table:
I decided to go with separate bases on which I placed loose stands of asteroids. The idea is that the bases mark the extent of the Asteroid Field, so the individual stands are free to be (re)moved to accomodate the passage of spaceships. I will be doing the same for the Gas-/Dust Clouds.And in time with the Warp Rift as well. 
The bases are plasticard, primed black and airbrushed with stars and nebulae. The same was done for the bases. The asteroids themselves are lava stones, pinned to bases or to each other, to give an effect of floating rocks. they were quickly airbrushed in cold rocky grey colours.

And here they are on my game mat:  

The Heavy Transport Vessel "Pride of Ran Lo" "threads the needle" a.k.a. navigates the asteroid fields surrounding the Ecclesiarchy Orbital Convent (Space Station) "Call of Faith" as Defense  Monitors close in to make a visual identification:

My mates have confirmed they are still dedicated to starting a BFG campaign this year, so the next project from me will be either planets and moons or dust clouds. I hope to replace all my existing BFG terrain for a full set that matches my current skills, giving us two tables worth of terrain. One with a more... "classic" look, and a modern "hi-def" one.

See you next time, and good hunting, Captains!

maandag 1 april 2019

Fleet auxilia


This weekend I've been painting Battlefleet Gothic again.
The focus this time was on Fleet Auxilia and local defenses.

I painted a set of Defense monitors*  and my remaining defense platforms.
In addition, I painted a recommissioned old Light Cruiser with either a heavy bombardment cannon or an unconventional pattern Nova Cannon** and a Promethium Refinery and bulk transporter***.

(Sorry, the pic is a bit washed out, my camera interpreted it as greyscale for some reason.)

I also took the time to repaint the winglets on my Space Marine contingent. They used to be Black Templars, but as that army never got off the ground, and Howling Griffons are now/will be my main Space Marine army, they got "transferred". I find now that I actually quite like the splash of colour on an otherwise rather stark and severe paintjob:

 And as I had it set up, here's a pic of my currently painted fleet support vessels and stations:
To this I still have to add a quartet of system ships (small intra-system vessels, mostly civilian) and more transports, some of which will be armed transports or Q-ships.

*:Heavy escorts without warp capability, used for planetary and system patrol and defense.
**: An old Space Fleet model, I believe it's a Dominator
***:  Also an old Space Fleet model, a Goliath Factory Ship: it's essentially a huge bulk transporter that picks up raw promethium and refines it as it travels, to deliver the refined product at it's destination. Not a ship you want to blow up from close range...

 Still working on the Hellgate London project, but I felt like switching things up a bit. Especially as we still have a BFG Campaign planned.

See you next time!

zondag 17 maart 2019

This is London calling. And a shout out to a wonderful man with a wonderful project.

Thursday last week, Devil May Cry 5 released (no, I will not be wargaming DMC...) and a few of my favorite streamers started playing it. The game is about fighting Devils in a ruined, London-esque metropolis. Which triggered memories of an old favorite... Hellgate London!
Not the best of games, but an excellent setting to explore.

Friday a week ago, me and some friends had a hobby evening. Inspired by the DMC 5 footage I decided to build some extra Hellgate London demons to add to the few I had already converted a few years ago.

The rough and ready basics were done on that friday night:

Together with their older siblings:

During that weekend, the greenstuff phases followed:

This Saturday, the airbrush was employed for primer and basecoat (and as I was at it, a second project also got some paint sprayed on).

 Which, today, resulted in painted miniatures:

Here's how they match up with their elders:

And as I waited for paint to dry on the demons, I used the downtime to progress on the vendomats:

Dirty and grimy and worn, perfect for cyberpunk, post-apocalypse or any current era metropolis....

Ofcourse I couldn't help set up a little scene:
Templars fighting to reclaim a base lost to the demonic incursion:

Maybe next weekend, I can try to get some paint on the Hunter faction (soldiers and engineers) miniatures I have lying around. Then I just need mini's to represent Cabalists, and  I can start finding a suitable ruleset to modify and playtest. (Currently thinking about IHMN and its derivatives, but perhaps this summer Reality's Edge may prove to be a good match?)

As an added bonus, yesterday my sister came over (she builds 1/12th scale dollhouse style rooms, I guess it runs in the family!) to help me get over my nervousness about soldering LED circuits.
Baby steps, but so much options for terrain:

Now, I also mentioned a shout out to a deserving man with a wonderful project. The man in question is Mel Bose  a deeply likeable man with a very informative Youtube Channel about building wargaming terrain. What makes him especially interesting is that he regularly collaborates with artists from other disciplines to exchange techniques and knowledge.  Why mention him now?
Well, he has a Kickstarter to publish a book collecting all his accumulated know-how in physical format. While I have seen most of his videos (and I advise you to watch them too, if you have an interest in terrainbuilding!) I am somewhat fond of terrain-building books, and I know his is guaranteed to be a good one!
Check it out here:
Terrain Essentials Kickstarter

See you next time!