woensdag 22 augustus 2018

Tetanus Bridge, fait accompli

Yes, Tetanus Bridge is done:
 The part I've come to consider as the "back side".

 The top. Lots of real estate for shanty buildings and barricades.

 The nominal front, without the extra parts.
 And with the extra parts.

 And together with the terrain I had already built. As you can see, the bridge links between two of the hazard-striped steel tape sections.

 And with my Slag Barons "negotiating" the price of an off-world shipment with my Void Crows salvage crew.
 And some gratuitious close-ups (fuzzy because my camera won't cooperate...)

See you next time!

maandag 20 augustus 2018

Tetanus Bridge

So, having a few extra days off this week, I decided to push on with the Necromunda terrain piece:

Base colours and shading are done on the metal parts of (and around) the bridge. These are all over a layer of chipping medium and will be heavily weathered, before getting dulled down with wash and some drybrushing/sponged on fresh rust. So they may seem a little bright and cheery (which the camera for some reason has amplified...). Next step for them is chipping al the paint and sealing it all with matt varnish. After that it's all hand painting to go.

As I had some spare time and a full compressor tank when this was finished I also primered the 20 Chaos marines I had ready for the army speed build project, and gave their shoulderpads their base colour and shading with the airbrush. Next step for them is airbrushing the main colour and then handpainting the details.

See you next time!

zaterdag 18 augustus 2018

Long time, no see!

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?
I guess that's the summer for you...

I haven't been completely idle on the hobby front, I've just been working in short bursts and have neglected to take photo's and post about it. Sorry about that!
Now, what have I been up to?  Read on below...