zondag 19 januari 2014

Propping things up....

I'm working on a little something.... ;-)

I've been watching a fair bit of videos by/with Adam Savage this weekend. And his unabashed nerdyness and love/need of making is just infectious. It inspired me and reminded me just how much I neglect my own desire to build stuff. What joy can be found in the process of making and, at the end, hold a piece of a universe, a setting in your hands. How something you make is yours, like nothing else can never be.
So, I've decided to try and build something. Here's a pic of it in progress:

It's lying on the piece of paper I worked out some quick ideas/proportions on.
Can you guess what it will be?
(Hint: It's from my current favorite RPG setting...)

It's actually version 2, on version 1 the glue set before I could properly align something and it cracked as I tried to fix it. So version 1 is now  officially the guinea pig...

Hopefully I can show and tell you all more next time!

zondag 12 januari 2014

Man of ill repute

No, I'm not talking about myself (well, not directly..) but about my character for the Iron Kingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game (IKRPG for short).

Meet mr. Bastian Rathleagh:
Mr. Rathleagh is an, ahem, "Asset Redistribution Engineer", who recently acquired a certain Orgoth relic, causing a dramatic shift in his career prospects... He is now feeling the need to leave his crowded home city of Five Fingers and explore the countryside, where there are decidedly less potential witnesses in case he needs to employ his newfound armament.
He has fallen in with a group of adventurers, they are currently thinking about going pro and establishing a mercenary charter for themselves. He hopes they will be able to establish themselves as professional adventurers or explorers of the dark places on the map of Immoren. Whatever takes him away from populated areas and keeps him from getting hunted down like a monster is good in his book, really.

Normally, he keeps his Fellblade hidden inside a rifle case and wields a Caspian battle blade instead. When there are no witnesses he will gladly use his Fellblade and if things get really hairy, he'll be swinging both blades at the same time, one in each hand. His thieving skills should come in handy when exploring old ruins and such and his stealth, he hopes, will minimise the number of witnesses when he cuts loose with his "special darling".

See you next time!