zondag 19 mei 2013

Got a game in!

I got to play a couple of games this week.
One was a quick intro to tabletop roleplaying for two ladies. Set loosely in the Crimson Skies universe, we played for, I think, an hour and a half or maybe two, including character building. (We used the microlite 20 modern rules).
They both decided to play pilots. One flew with the Fortune Hunters, the other was from Black Swan's crew...
This would be interesting!
I had the game start out in front of a pilot's bar, and both ladies took to the game with gusto, they regularly had my laughing out loud or blinking in disbelief at their actions... Some highlights: The Black Swan pilot chucked a glass of Vodka into the Fortune Huntress's face, swiped a full bottle of Vodka in the ensuing bar brawl and ended up (succesfully) playing the innocent victim once the cops showed up. The Fortune Huntress for her part managed to try and seduce the shotgun-toting bartender as he was trying to stop a brawl, swipe a drunk guy's wallet in the men's room(!), steal a massive .45 to replace her little .22, get in a mexican standoff with the Black Swan pilot, and finally get chased and shot at by at least 4 cops as she (successfully) tried to make her escape. All in only that short time we played!

If either of the ladies in question ever reads this: Thank you so much for a very memorable and hilarious game! It was great!

I will be investigating roleplaying in the Crimson Skies setting further, there's fun to be had there....

Yesterday, I had some friends over for a game of Warhammer Quest. We had a party of five, but because WHQ is notoriously vicious and TPK-prone at battle level 1, and two of the players were new to the game, we decided not to modify the number of monsters.
The (expanded) party consisted of:
-Adelbrecht von Unter-Hosen, Warrior Priest and Lantern Bearer.
-Roderick von Dunce, Imperial Noble
-Balgruuf the Skullsmasher, Chaos Warrior (rolled Frenzy and Mindless, such a joy!)
-Bold Bashing Betty, Trollslayerette
-Bihinoir the Elf

Our mission was to retrieve jewels containing our souls from the Burning Fountain.

The dice were acting weirdly all evening... We barely rolled ones in the Power Phase and got 4 rooms into the dungeon before encountering our first monsters:
That's right, three whole snotlings!
One was kebabed by the Noble's rapier, the others were headbutted to death by a mindless Chaos Warrior....

The rest of the evening continued in similar fashion, with small amounts of monsters (mostly from rooms instead of Power Phase rolls, wtf?) balanced by the Warriors failing to achieve much damage due to the heavy hitters being either boxed in by other warriors, being Mindless or simply underskilled. The noble had a field day, stabbing monsters silly with his rapier, but barely causing any wounds! My Warrior Priest was clearly a latent pacifist, regularly failing to hit at all... He made a small fortune using his Jade Ring on the other warriors however.
This sedate pace was only interrupted by:

A Minotaur!!!
This was a very lucrative encounter for the Warrior Priest...
The Noble bravely attacked (he had no choice!), and soon fell into a fighting rythm: A flurry of stabs, his rapier flitting in and out like a sewing machine's needle (while causing about as much damage), getting knocked dead by the Minotaur, healed again by the Warrior Priest (ka-ching!), rinse repeat (ad nauseaum).
The Trollslayer resolutely stood by his side, thoroughly distracted by the smell of Gold and consistently missed by the Minotaur's attacks. (We think the smell of Gold made the dwarf move so erratically it confused the Minotaur).
The Warrior Priest made a bundle healing the Noble back to life (I consistently rolled doubled on each try... It was almost unnerving.) and alternately Blessing the Noble or the Dwarf (when the Noble was down, again...).
Meanwhile the Chaos Warrior and Elf discussed hair care products, I guess...

Finally the beast was slain and we continued to explore this branch of the dungeon. Sadly our objective was not here and we had to backtrack nearly to the beginning of the dungeon to take the other route.
One room into that alternate route this happened:
A Cave in!!! Now we would never get to retrieve our souls!
We decided to exit the dungeon the way we came, retreat to the nearest village and plan anew...

This was the state of the dungeon as we left:

We encountered a witch on the way back to the village, the Elf bought some weird smelling drink from her...

Back in the village (we decided to keep the characters, and retry the mission some other time) the Noble and Warrior Priest visited the Temple, both receiving minor blessings, the Chaos Warrior visited his own Temple and got his Mindlessness replaced with the Ability to Teleport!
The Elf and Dwarf visited the tavern, both competed in the Armwrestling contest. The Elf also got some useful hints from a stranger. The female Trollslayer (rolling 12 Tavern Events!!!) got riotously drunk, won three consecutive Armwrestling contests, intimidated several local traders and spent the day evading a Norse Barbarian obsessed with covering her in pig fat (she rolled that event 5 times!).

See you next time!