zaterdag 11 februari 2012

Brigand one, airworthy

Guess what? Paint happened!

Here she is:
I had the shading on the basecoat done last time, but stalled because I couldn't figure out unit markings I liked.
Because I've more or less chosen Hell, Michigan as the home field for this squadron, and the natives refer to themselves as "Hellions", I tried to find ideas by simply doing a Google image-search for that word...
And I lucked out! I found the logo for a roller derby team I could be "inspired by". ;-P
Sorry, best pic I could take with the means at hand...
The logo (A fiery lady emerging from a cloud of smoke) looks cool, but is still non-specific enough to be explained in various ways.

Once that hurdle was taken, it was simply a matter of adding additional markings, colour coding the ordnance and add markings on the left wing to denote to which lead-wingman pair each plane belonged. This plane being the number 2 (wingman) of Green flight.
That being done, it was time to glue on the cockpit windows and start weathering.
The weathering itself is rather crude by serious modelling standards, but, hey, I'm a wargamer! I don't have the time or interest to endlessly faff about with filters, pigments and such to get everything just right...
Especially since the models will be used (hopefully intensively) and not get examined up close too often.
A few stains and streaks with washes, some drybrushing for various stains and wear and it's good enough for me...

Some more pics to gawk at:
Top view
And the bottom
You can just make out the nose art here. I decided not to the expected cheesecake (for this one...).
NOT the view you want to have in a dogfight!

zondag 5 februari 2012

Brigand one, basecoated

Got some time to do hobby stuff today...
Which means the first Brigand now has his primary colours basecoated!

Here she is:

And a nice topside view:
The cockpit and turret canopies are just dropped in place for this pic, they haven't been glued on yet.

Since taking these pics, I've added a quick silver pinstripe between the cream and the red sections of colour. And pretty orange tips for the prop. It makes her look just that little bit more "finished"...

But now I'm stuck until I decide on a squadron symbol and other markings...
I want to try putting some signs of use and wear on this plane, but for that, the markings need to be in place first.