vrijdag 26 oktober 2018

Zeal and Ardor

This post requires a song...

As said in my previous post, I'm painting a small group of Adepta Sororitas a.k.a. Sisters of Battle.
Well, they're finished:

The original plan was to use a few of them for =I=Munda as protective detail for a frail Ministorum priest. (The priest would be a non-combatant and instant loss condition if he died, to off-set using power-armoured zealots in a relatively low-powered =I=Munda enviroment.)
But with all my gaming buddies getting fired up about Kill Team, they will see use there instead (or in addition, more likely...).
 The base tones and shades for the red were done by airbrush, followed by a thin wash and handpainted highlights. This gave me a deep, rich red that looked like ancient lacquered armour. From then on everything is was painted by hand. I really enjoyed painting these. They are lovely sculpts that have aged remarkably well (except perhaps the somewhat less-than female faces, but that has been a criticism of the sculpts since the day of their release). I have a few more stashed away, as well as some Sororitas non-combatants and Saint Celestine. Those may see paint a bit sooner than I originally anticipated, due to the enjoyment of painting these models!

Pict-capture by Servo-Skull, 938.M31: Members of the Blessed Orders of the Adepta Sororitas defending a sanctuary-shrine during the bi-annual Cull of the Mutants in the lower reaches of Vattgern Hive. Though a long-standing tradition, over the past few decades, the Cull has become increasingly controversial and disputed, as it deprives the industrial houses of the Hive of vital slave-labour until the mutant populations have restored themselves.

See you next time!

maandag 22 oktober 2018

A Derelict Citiplex part five, and a Kill Team

With the painting of the first quarter of the Multiverse Gaming Vault Builder Megaton Set, it's time to start building on the second quarter.
With this I'm really going off-piste, pushing the modification of the mdf even further, making a double-length wall, and severely modifying a column and one of the floor boards, so I can start integrating lighting:
 The modified column, with the additional PVC tubing, which will have EL-wire wrapped around it.

The core in situ, still without the top.

To make sure I have a place to put wiring and the powerpack for the EL-wire, I've mounted magnets in the bottom of the column and in one of the floor tiles.

 As this will leave a hole in the floor (still to be drilled in this picture) when the column isn't in use, I've magnetized a spare part to cover it:

 And I had to do a quick test-wrap with the EL-wire to test the effect:
 And in glorious motion-vision:

This weekend, I've been painting a few old metal figures to use for Kill Team:
 The colour scheme, although mine are darker in tone, is this piece from the old Witch Hunters Codex:
They aren't done, hopefully I can manage that next weekend.
After that, I guess I will need to continue building the Vault terrain and start fiddling about with LEDS, wiring and soldering irons...

See you next time!

woensdag 10 oktober 2018

A Derelict Citiplex, part four

Well, the painting part of the first quarter of my Vault Builder Megaton Bundle is done. All that's left to do is varnish the thing and add posters and proclamations (which I still need to have printed, so that will delay things a bit).

I spent the weekend cutting a few custom airbrush stencils, and combined with a few commercial ones, added some interest to the floor tiles:

After which I destroyed parts of it again:
I'm really pleased with how the weathered and worn floor looks.

Once that was done, and having yesterday and today off, I could turn my attention to the walls, giving them an all-over wash, then drybrushing wear and tear, painting in details and dirt and finally stippling on wear and rust. (For some reason, I don't know why, despite having the same hairspray treatment, the walls and columns refused to chip. So back to hand-painted chipping I was).

Resulting in this:

Some model's eye views and close-ups (as well as some Goliath Gangers in deep trouble!):

Once I add loose scatter terrain and perhaps some patches of detritus/rough groumd, this will look rather nice indeed... :D

Oh, in the intervening weeks I also built some goodies for a duo of youtubers, but I'm not showing those until they've seen it themselves. 
And most of my needed gear for integrating lights in the next set of Vault Builder terrain has arrived... Now to see if I can finangle it into these little, thin walls!

Also, friends and I have been getting more and more serious about gaming Kill Team, so this terrain should see use soon. :)  Everyone is building Kill Teams, but I've got an Ork army, I can pick a ready to go Kill Team from. But still, the frenzy of building and collecting is infectious, so I'm looking at making an entirely new team as well. I've got several options, but at this moment Sisters of Battle (using the Astartes rules for now) and a converted Ork Freeboota Kill Team seem to be leading the pack as far as enthusiasm goes. I'm limiting myself to building just one team at a time, so I'll just have to see who wins the poll!

See you next time!