maandag 22 oktober 2018

A Derelict Citiplex part five, and a Kill Team

With the painting of the first quarter of the Multiverse Gaming Vault Builder Megaton Set, it's time to start building on the second quarter.
With this I'm really going off-piste, pushing the modification of the mdf even further, making a double-length wall, and severely modifying a column and one of the floor boards, so I can start integrating lighting:
 The modified column, with the additional PVC tubing, which will have EL-wire wrapped around it.

The core in situ, still without the top.

To make sure I have a place to put wiring and the powerpack for the EL-wire, I've mounted magnets in the bottom of the column and in one of the floor tiles.

 As this will leave a hole in the floor (still to be drilled in this picture) when the column isn't in use, I've magnetized a spare part to cover it:

 And I had to do a quick test-wrap with the EL-wire to test the effect:
 And in glorious motion-vision:

This weekend, I've been painting a few old metal figures to use for Kill Team:
 The colour scheme, although mine are darker in tone, is this piece from the old Witch Hunters Codex:
They aren't done, hopefully I can manage that next weekend.
After that, I guess I will need to continue building the Vault terrain and start fiddling about with LEDS, wiring and soldering irons...

See you next time!

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