dinsdag 12 juli 2016

Lonely Island

The first island is done:
I decided not to do the castle in the dark, brooding Dreadfleet colours, as I would be using this for Man O'War as well. So it got nice whitewashed walls and blue-grey slate roofs.  (Sadly the colours on the walls got washed out a bit, causing them to look a bit flat in the pictures.) The massive skulls in the rocks still kind of bug me, but not enough to want to go through the hassle of removing them.
I quite liked painting this particular island. Enough even to maybe consider buying a second one from Ebay or a bits-seller and to make an even more living, breathing castle of it: remove the Skullz from the island, flock the rocks with greenery and add some buildings and fields within the castle walls. Maybe even extend the sealevel parts of the castle into a pier or mooring dock. I like the idea, but at the moment, my money is better spent elsewhere.

I've also been experimenting with some Oyumaru, loaned to me by Johan (Thanks, mate! ) to make some custom 3D Wreck and Debris markers for my Dwarf fleet. But I forgot to take pictures of those... :( 
I'll be using (part of) these to experiment with water sculpting some more. My reasoning for this is that these markers will be on the table for a turn only, so it's not as big a loss if one of them is a little less than ideal.

See you next time!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice take on the rock castle; I've got a selection of these models for a long planned idea of my own that doesnt involve Dreadfleet. Look forward to your further work on these game pieces! :)

  2. Thanks, guys, I'm glad you like it too. I've painted in some windows/firing slits since these pictures. They make it look just that little bit less barren and lifeless.
    Sebastian, please tell us more!