woensdag 27 juli 2016

Archipelago of Dread

Well, they're done, here they are:
All islands from the Dreadfleet set (the wreck of a Dwarf ship is missing, because I'll paint that alongside the Dwarf fleet itself).

And some shots of each of them:
"Dead Turtle Island" (I assume the Dreadfleet game names the more significant islands, but I can't be bothered to look that up right now... I'm just typing whatever comes to mind first. :P )

Skull Island (Where every pirate hides his treasure, if the adventure novels are to be believed)

Holy Island of the Volcano God:

The Castle on the Rocks (now with windows):

The Weird Skull Reef (Though in modern GW naming conventions this would most like be the "Skulled Headlands of Skullcrania"?)

And "All the other stuff" a.k.a. Shipbeaker Reef:

As you can see, I didn't follow the "official" Dreadfleet colour schemes. Mainly because I expect to be using these for Man O'War as least as much as for Dreadfleet and so they need to fit in with the Old World a bit better. Besides, I found it quite boring to make all the human-built structures from the same dark green glossy rock.

Now, time to start getting the Dwarf fleet ready for primer. (Flags and waves still to do on most of them.) After that I will hopefully turn my attention to the Empire Fleet. They will need completing (I'm lacking a number of critical ship types, mainly Wolfships and Hellhammers or Ironfists, that I will need to either convert from Wargalleys or scratchbuild.) and I will have to settle on how to do the sails. I would like to do something more pretty and durable than paper sails.

See you next time!

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  1. More I see it, the greater the idea for making that Castle on the rocks less moody and more brighter. :)

    1. Thank you, Sebastian. It does show off the shape of the castle a lot better, I've found. Looking back at it I'm almost tempted to get another one from a bits seller and take it even further: Remove the skull rocks, add vegetation to the rocks, small fields in the courtyard. Turn it into a pretty fantasy castle.