maandag 25 juli 2016


Still painting Dreadfleet terrain (at the current rate, I expect my next post to display all the painted islands), but to today a package arrived:
My Nilfgaard and Northern Kingdoms Gwent set!
And the contents. The same nice quality and lovely art that the previous release (Monsters and Scoia'Tael deck) had. A nice touch was the inclusion of the Cow/Bovine Defense Force cards. The only shame about it is that they didn't also include those to add to the previously released decks as well, or offered you the option of ordering them separately for them.

This latest delivery means I now have all four decks:

I can't wait to try them out against each other!

Anyway, that concludes this intermezzo, now it's back to painting Dreadfleet/Man O'War and binge watching Black Sails for me...

See you next time!

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