maandag 4 juli 2016

A quick sign of life

Sooo, as you may have noticed, I've not been doing much hobby stuff lately...
My muse has apparently been on an extended holiday. I've been fairly unfocussed as well, leading me to pull out a project, stare at it for a few days before putting it away again, rinse, repeat...

I did paint a set of Age of Sigmar portals for a mate (finished them this weekend) but I'm not showing those on the interwebs until they've been delivered to him.
This cleared the painting table (if I ignore the small gang of WIPs...) to start on my medievalesque/fantasy Urban Militia. Here's how they stand now:
The men are from the old Harlequin/Black Tree Design range, I'm not sure if they're from the Hundred Years War or Fantasy range. The Pavises are from Mirliton.
The plan is to give them a quick basic paintjob, nothing fancy. I intend to keep the men themselves fairly subdued, to give them a contrast with the bright white and red shields they'll carry.
This is only half of the unit, but I didn't feel like slogging through the entire 15 at once. Especially as this is mainly meant to get me back in the flow again before some of the WIP figures that deserve my A game. (Like my long-awaited Escher Gang, that has been languishing half painted for far too long!)
Or alternatively, this may rekindle my lost, but much appreciated long haul focus on Fantasy. I hadn't been focussed for that long a time (a year+) on a single project/theme and I kind of miss it. But at this point, just to get painting again, on anything really, is a step forward. Mojo first, plans later.

See you next time!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely stuff, about to redo my town militia also for 'reasons'.. ;)

    Really hard to not just go all out and paint them up from basic themes as background models.

    1. Ah, "reasons", I know those... ;)
      I saw on your blog that they were back on the work table, it's hard to limit yourself to just a few fix-ups. There is always the temptation of perfection, isn't there? There's always that urge to go all out.

  2. Sorry to hear things have slowed up at the moment, but these looking rather good.

    1. Thank you Michael! Oh, well, inspiration comes and goes. Luckily it seems to be returning now.