zondag 1 maart 2015

A mind without purpose will wander in dark places

Oh hey, I suddenly saw that I have twenty followers these days. A warm (if belated) welcome everyone!
I've grown so accustomed to seeing the same familiar 3 or 4 followers there for the longest time, I've neglected looking at that widget at all the last couple of months. I just accidentally happened to glance at it before I started on this post, so for me it feels like you snuck up on me. Glad to know there's some interest in my wafflings... ;-) 

In my previous post, I was telling you about my recent wavering focus and doubts how to deal with this. Well, it seems I've decided. It looks like I've gotten of the Dungeoneering/Fantasy/Questing (D/F/Q) monorail and am now running on two tracks: The original plan of making 2015 the Year of the Dungeon will continue, plus I'll be exploring the backwaters of the Dark Millennium.
Wether the latter will find it's home rulewise in Necromunda, Inq28 or at their crossroads; Inquisimunda, is currently of lesser importance to me. Like with the D/F/Q project, I'll be embracing the maxim "Setting and models first, rules last."

So, what does this mean, right now?
Since I have a reasonable stockpile of D/F/Q minis that are ready for primer, at this moment I can happily keep painting the fantasy minis while I build some 40K setting stuff. Hopefully, I can set up a rythm where I can keep alternating in this rythm, building for one, painting the other, and vice versa. It would also mean I can make the most of the daylight hours in the weekends.

I still wasn't feeling quite well yet this weekend, so I couldn't go at it firing all cylinders as I had wished to, but I did get a little bit done. I've started painting the necromancer for the Undead forces for my dungeon. I had to stop painting because the light was turning bad (there was a rain/hailstorm rolling in), which also meant I could sadly not take pics to show off to you... To compensate, here's a picture of some waffles. :)

In between, when the light wasn't right for painting or when washes were drying, I worked on another member for my 40K Boarding Party. Back when I made the first five, I already was planning to expand them, thanks to some friendly egging on by Shas'El Tael on the Dakkadakka forums, who noted that my first five members were "all gun and no fun", a pure combat team. He also noted I was lacking some essential looting tools (namely, torches and crowbars). So the new additions will be more of a "second wave", sent in after the clearance/exploration team.
I already had a few members of the second wave converted from when I first worked on them (a servitor with a plasmacutter to "open" doors, two Lux-pattern Illumination servoskulls and a Savant). Today I started on the newest member for the outfit, a hard as nails young lady.

Here she is in front of the savant: 
 She is geared more towards hauling loot, but definitely not afraid to get stuck in. She carries a sturdy lux-wand in an overhand grip, ready to whack it down on any vermin hiding in the shadows. In her other hand she holds a powered boarding gaff (Inspired by Jess Goodwin's Imperial Navy sketches).
Here is a better view of it:
It's made from a piece of plastic rod and a recarved GK Power Falchion.

To give her more female proportions I've filed down the torso a bit, reducing the waist area and narrowing the shoulders. I've also slightly shortened her by narrowing her belt and filing a teensy bit from the soles of her feet. Addittionally, I carefully shaved the arms and legs to be a tiny bit thinner.
Here's that reduced torsom, next to a regular one:
 I'll also be giving her a more lightly armoured voidsuit with less massive kneepads and bellyplates. Several other support crew member will also get that lighter suit. Plus she will need ears and hair as well, that will be a challenging piece of greenstuff work...

See you all next time!

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