zaterdag 7 maart 2015

Conjurer of dead things

 I had this song running through my head the entire time I was painting my latest miniature:
It's not often a miniature has such a clear theme song...
Can you guess what he is yet? ;-P

The old man sat in his chambers, reminiscing.
"He had been a good man once, long ago, when Ilse, his daughter, still lived. Dear Ilse... His friends and neighbors said he shouldn't blame himself, he couldn't have prevented her being taken. No, but he could fix it! Claim her back! 
Thus began what at first was a quest, but soon became an obsession. He had learned so much, gained so much power! Seen such things! But it was not enough. Never enough be able to claim his daughter back, free her from her unending captivity in that cold, dark place. So he must go on, further and further, regardless the price! One day he will succeed, and she will be with him again!
On some nights, when his head was a bit clearer, and his obsession didn't grip him so tightly, he could be honest with himself... Even if he succeeded, even if he achieved the needed power and knowledge and the rituals went perfect, he wouldn't get his daughter back. She would live again, yes, but she would flee from him, not recognize him. Because he no longer was the warm, kindhearted man she remembered, she would see him as he had become; a creator of monsters and servant of monsters...a monster himself. Luckily, for nights as these, he kept a bottle of Laudanum nearby."
Stroking the preserved skull of his daughter, he reached for the bottle of milky fluid...

I present to you: The necromancer August Knochenmaurer

As you can see, he is in the middle of some incantation, performing the ritual steps/paces needed for some dire spell.
With him finished, my skeleton crew (pardon the pun) have some provisional leadership and magic support, until the Wight King and his entourage can be painted. I just couldn't see him as all evil, the figure struck me more as tragic but determined, which prompted the little bit of backstory...

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