maandag 9 maart 2015

Blood money

I had an afternoon of daylight left once the necromancer was finished. Not wanting to start on an entire new miniature, my eye fell on a mini that had lingered semi-painted for, oh, I believe a few years now. On a whim, I decided to finish him.
I present to you, the Alien Bountyhunter:
I started this conversion when I was heavily playing Mass Effect 2, hence the colourscheme and grouping of collapsible weapons on his back. As I originally never intended him for 40k, he isn't very "grimdark", which will hopefully make him seem all the more alien...
Like the preacher, he isn't an integral part of any warband, and more of a one-off NPC/excuse for an idea or conversion that I can't/won't build a full crew around.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks pretty cool to me, and at least fluff wise. Not all of the Imperium is grim dark. Some of it is very well lit up and grim.
    I am actually picked up a few of the new Storm trooper box sets and am going to paint them up to members of the "Blue Sun's", "Eclipse" mercs and then Cerberus. Of curse in 40K, Cerberus will have a public face of being good guys. Because they purge the Xenos. But secretly hold Alien artifacts and other heretical artifacts in the misguided belief that they as a privet organization can help protect mankind.
    Bah! The Hubris.
    Of course for a Radical Inquisitor they will provide some good hard hitting no questions asked shock troops. Might make an Inquisitor based off the Illusive man now. I think I have a group to work on now.

  2. Nice idea! Maybe, one day, when all the already planned warbands are done, I'll have an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor too...

  3. Nice work on modfiying the parts, like this model a lot. :)

  4. Thanks Tael! I'm glad I finally got it painted, the mini didn't deserve languishing in a half-painted state for so long.