maandag 2 maart 2015

Salvage crew

I had the time tonight to do a little bit more on the female salvage crew member. I greenstuffed the armour of her voidsuit over her stomach, finished the collar of her suit and reinforced her toecaps:
  I also managed to sculpt her ears... Gods, what an ordeal to sculpt such a tiny thing, of such a particular shape!
But I think I managed quite reasonably:
 Now all that's left to do on her is, greenstuff wise: her hair, the Arbites-style kneepads, with straps and some minor gap-filling. Then it's only a matter of accessorizing and making her a base before I can paint her.
I'm not decided yet what extra gear she is getting, or where it will hang. I don't want to put stuff on her waist, after the time I spent giving her a feminine bodyshape/waistline, I'd hate to go and cover it all up again!
Maybe a coil of rope, a pouch or two or a set of suspensors (a suspensor-dispenser) for moving heavy stuff?

I also did some work on the next member of the crew:
A big brute of a man with his "universal unlocking tool"... I couldn't have a unit of Void Crows and not model at least one crowbar, now could I?

I gave him shims of plasticard at his waist, under his feet and at his shoulders, hoping to make him a suitably big brute of a man. But the effect is less pronounced than I had hoped. Hopefully it will be more noticeable once painted and sat next to his buddies. If I also make sure to cover his base in plasticard, I can gain another mm of visual height.
The crowbar is simply heated and formed plastic rod. The most hassle in this conversion is finding the right arms and hands, and then fiddling to get everything to line up...

He will get the same style of void suit that the little lady is wearing, so hopefully the arms will come back off without too much hassle.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I used SM scout legs for my Heavy stubber fig. And used a regular guard torso, It makes him look slightly bigger then the rest of the crew with regular legs. Also a lot less work too.

  2. Also what did you use to make the gaff hook?

  3. Commisarmoody, thanks for the tip. I'm making these models with bits/kits I already have lying around, which sadly doesn't include plastic scouts. So I had to do this the conversion this way. Scouts have a lot of useful bits though, I may need to get them at some point.
    The gaff is made from a Grey Knight Power Falchion. I cut the tip from the blade, as well as the handle and crossguard. I then carved the remaining section of blade into the Y-shape, and the removed tip into the hook section of the gaff.

  4. That's what I thought you did. I will have to troll the bits stores or see about making a trade for at least one Falchion.
    I am in the also plane on making one pole arm with a chain sword into a chain glaive.