vrijdag 27 februari 2015

Disruptions and distractions

I've been ill the past week.* Which limited my hobby options to idly leafing through my note- and sketchbooks in those moments I wasn't either asleep or actively engaged with being ill.
Not very nice at all. :(

*: Nothing serious, just one of the fun seasonal bugs doing the rounds here...

And while it was fun, and a much needed distraction, to see my other ideas and plans outside of dungeoneering/fantasy again, it has been a bit too distracting, as I seem to have lost my focus on the Dungeoneering/fantasy/Quest project...
I'm not yet fit enough to do hobby stuff, so hopefully the distraction will pass, and I can resume work on my Dungeoneering/fantasy (let's just say D/F/Q from now on, shall we?) project as planned when I've recovered. But I'm not too confident.
You see, I've been able to focus on the D/F/Q project far longer than I'm used to sticking to a hobby project. It's a bit of a surprise to me, really. So I'm not sure how to deal with this. Usually distraction struck much sooner, and it meant the previous project would be relegated to (one of the many) back burner(s) for a few months at least.
Which I don't want to happen with the D/F/Q project (Gods, this project needs a catchier name!).
So, how do I deal with this?
Do I ignore the ideas that are floating around in my head and knuckle down the fantasy project, with the risk that the itch won't go and I make D/F/Q a chore for myself?
Do I allow myself the sidestep with a little "refresher" project, so I could return to D/F/Q with new energy, but risk that the sidestep leads me deeper into the other project(s), causing me to neglect the D/F/Q project?
Or do I try and do both, and see what wins out, survival of the fittest style? It would mean dividing my already limited hobby time even more, further reducing any progress I make.
At this point, I really don't know what the best option is.
Do any of you have some good advice or own experiences to share?

For those interested (and not yet tired of my wall of text), I'l speak some more about the distraction projects currently floating aboutin my head.

Johan/Gunbird has currently opened up Pandora's chest, after a sense, by allowing himself to get into GW games again. He has taken up Mordheim, Necromunda and Inquisitor in 28mm/Inq28 again, and is currently collecting the needed minis.
To encourage him to get warbands finished, and not just to collect and trade the mini's, I suggested to "buddy up" for these projects: I would get a warband/gang finished up for these games as well, as a mutual encouragement and make sure we both get to actually play these games as a reward for our efforts/investments.
Additionaly, he is planning his (redecorated) hobby room and figuring out how to do his wargames table. Which means I'm thinking about my (potential) table and scenery as well.
Currently, scenery building is not an option for me, though, as I lack means to properly store anything I would make. (I have the storage space, surprisingly enough, but no proper containers to safely store my terrain in to prevent accidental knocks or dust from ruining them)  So, mini's only (or my Space Hulk terrain, that already has storage units...? No. NO! Bad brain!) for the time being.
So, what do I have on my mind?

Mordheim: I already have a Reiklander warband fully painted, from back when the game was first released. I also have a mostly complete Undead warband that is ready for paint, it just lacks a few zombies and/or ghouls, I think (I should dig it out and check, really). I also have a Sisters of Sigmar warband in blisters, that is just lacking a Seer/Augur. I'd be basing any new mini's I do for Mordheim to be compatible with the D/F project. As I already have a playable warband, and have been doing quite a bit fantasy lately, the need to work on this is less pressing. Except for terrain, but see above.

Necromunda: I would really, really like to have an Escher warband for this.... But I don't. And I'm not currently able or willing to spend money on acquiring one. (Besides, someone has been dropping hints about birthday presents....) What I do have is a few Pit Slaves. I can't recall how many I've got, and if they're enough to make a gang out of, but hey, that is what conversions are for. As a bonus, with the addition of some servitors and Adeptus Mechanicus leadership, they could work as a Adeptus Mechanicus labour team for Inquisitor28/=I=Munda. (Which is what I originally got them for...). So they could pull double duty, which is a nice return on effort. I also have a box of Enforcers that would like some attention.

Inquisitor/Inq28: I've always loved GW's Inquisition models, so I have almost all of the characters and henchmen. I just never got around to grouping them into warbands and painting some of them. This would be a nice excuse. I was also quite enamoured with the concept of =I=Munda (Mashing up Inquisitor-style narrative gaming with Necromunda and 2nd ed/Rogue Trader 40K rules and mindset, in order to play the kind of groups and missions usually seen in Black Library novels).
At the time that concept first hit, I made a 5 man boarding/salvage team. Which turned out to be a little on the small side. So I'd like to expand them to 9 or 10 strong. Back then I already had some ideas what I wanted to add, and I think I've still got the needed bits squirreled away somewhere.

To at least give you something else to look at besides the inside of my brain, here is a moody pic of that salvage party:

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