zondag 1 februari 2015

Quick update

Sorry, no hobby stuff this weekend...
Yesterday Darkest Dungeon went into (Kickstarter backer-only) Early Acces ("regular" Early Access starts on Feb 3rd.) and I've been on a bender.
I've caused the death and/or crippling insanity of a fair few of heroes now, and I've been loving every second of it!
But fear not, the game is most definitely feeding the inspiration reservoir for my wargames stuff.
I should make a concentrated effort to get more reference screenshots, but I get sucked into the game.

The premise of the game is that you, the player are the heir of an ancient estate. You get a letter from your forebear (father, uncle, grandfather, grizzly, it's uncertain). He has been digging (literally) into the occult and has been excavating the warren of catacombs and caves under your ancestral mansion. In his quest for unnatural power, he has unleashed an ancient, unspeakable evil. It has corrupted your manor and the surrounding lands. Sadly, the letter is delivered several years late, and things have really gotten out of hand, the rot has dug deep. You are tasked to hire adventurers to purge the Great Evil and reclaim your birthright. Sadly for your troupe of capitalist adventurers, exploring the dark twisted places takes a heavy toll. Your heroes will get stressed out to, and beyond, their breaking point and will suffer potentially debilitating mental problems as a result. You have to manage their stress by several means, including drunk debauchery, asceticism and self-flagellation, and hope the cure doesn't cause new problems. No-one wants an unhinged drunk, or a masochist with a death wish at their back when the monsters start coming out of the woodwork! Life is cheap and may will die...

If you like dungeoneering, Rogue-like games, dark fantasy, Cthulhu, black humour and/or a Mike Mignola/woodcut-like art style, go check out Darkest Dungeon.

Happy Cthulhu Ftaghn and don't forget to water the Mi-Go!

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