woensdag 18 februari 2015

Thoughts and aqcuisitions

Last weekend Johan came for a visit. He brought a little care package along, a group of Harlequin medieval spearmen. The baggy included two halberdiers, who will go to reinforce my already painted knight his retinue (making his retinue the largest of my knightly warbands).
The remaining spearmen will form a troop of city watch. Currently I'm thinking of giving them pavises and painting them in the heraldry of the 14th century Knight who held lordship over the area I live in:

It is a bit bright and bold though, which clashes somewhat with the "yokel guard" image I want to go for. So, I may yet reconsider and go for a more subdued shield decoration after all. On the other hand, historical pavises were often beautifully painted... And it could serve as a contrast with the scruffy yokels behind it?

Additionally, a package arrived today from the ever lovely people at Hasslefree:
Unusually, not a pile of miniatures for me this time...  With the recent influx of extra mini's and the gradual expansion of the project, the bottom of my box of bases was getting into view. So I needed more. As my funds were insufficiently ample, I couldn't splurge on a handful as miniatures as well. :(
I did need a set of lady noggins for a few conversions though, and I simply couldn't resist the lovely Luna. So those got included.
As always, service from Hasslefree was prompt and friendly and their product is absolutely top notch, I couldn't recommend them more!

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