woensdag 28 augustus 2013

The Cult rises again

No words and numbers today, just greenstuff and plastic. (Oh, and resin, for the bases... Sorta plastic too.)

I've been adding greenstuff to some of my little friends:

For some reason my Howling Griffons and Genestealer Cult just go together, can't work on the one, without giving the other some love as well. I guess it's because they're both offshoots of my long suffering Space Hulk project...
Same goes for the =I=Munda stuff, my Scavenger Crew, been eyeing them again as well lately.
For now, I'm content to pick up where the muse takes me. Today, that was gribbly alien bodysnatchers. :-)

Some of these Genestealer Hybrids (the two rightmost ones) have been finished somewhat longer, back when I had my previous bout of working on the Hulk/Cult. The three on the left are the most recent additions.
I'm thinking, five is about enough to set on a painting desk? So, they'll step up when I next take out the painting gear. (Which means clearing away the modelling kit, and for the time being, I'm having fun modelling, so I'm continuing that for now.)

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