zondag 4 augustus 2013

What the flock?

They're done! (Almost)

I flocked them with a custom (read: random) mix of medium green and light green medium turf, earth shade fine turf and static grass. I simply painted on PVA where I expected grass to grow and shook the flock mix over that. After allowing it to dry a bit, I shook off the excess. Rinse, repeat for the next hills.
Every few hills I backtracked to hill that had been drying for a bit, to add tufts of grass and flowering grass to the flock here and there.

I had a hell of a time to get the clump foliage to stick to the trees... PVA didn't work, much to watery, stuff kept falling off as soon as I stuck it on (sometimes sooner)!
In the end, I resorted to taking "Bison Kit", a more agressive, tackier glue. That seemed to do the trick.

Now I just need to find a way to make it all stay on. Even as I was moving the hills around while working on them, and taking these pics, they were shedding already... Does anyone have any advice? Please let me know.

And to close things off, a couple of model's eye views:
I particularly like this shot, with the hedge as background:

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