maandag 9 september 2013

The Great Terrain "Stuff" Purge of 2013.

I've been wargaming for close to 17 years now...
As any wargamer does, from time to time you come across bits and bobs that make you think: "That would be great for terrain!" If you can get away with it, you take the item with you and keep it until you can use it.
So did I the past 17 years, I too collected "Stuff"
As you can expect, "Stuff" tends to accumulate faster than you can process it.
The last decade, I haven't had cause to sort and clear out this accumulated "Stuff". Unsurprisingly, the mound had grown to some size. It was also packed in a dreadfully inefficient manner.
Today, I  initiated a long overdue purge. I took part of the mound of "Stuff" from the garage, and went through it.
I threw away all stuff that, in hindsight, was "useless", very common, and thus easily replaced, or didn't fit with those projects I was realistically ever going to work on.
Parts that I knew were irreplaceable, or just too plain cool,  I granted clemency from this regime.
What remained was organised, put in smaller containers and repacked.
This is the result of my efforts:


 (Yes, I'm a hoarder... If we had cats, I'd end up on one of those reality shows)

Note: Each box missing in the second pic is room I now have to store terrain that I build with the "stuff" that is left. (I haven't built new terrain for several years now, simply because I had no place left to store it...)

Now remember, this is just the "generic" stack of  "Stuff", I have more...

"Stuff" I still have to purge/organise and store properly:
-The "Stuff" I accumulated/bought for a multi-era city project.
-the "Stuff" I set apart/gathered specifically for my Space Hulk 3D project.
-"Stuff" that just got stacked in between somewhere, and didn't even make it into proper boxes...
- "Stuff" I got from a friend, along with his modular bunker/underground complex terrain.
-Proper materials (aka "non-Stuff Stuff") like plasticard, plastic tubing and rods, flocks, expanded foam sheets and foamed PVC sheets.

The Purge continues....

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