zondag 15 september 2013

A new home for my miniatures, pt.2

Phew.... Just finished giving the display cabinet a thorough clean. Boy, did it need it!
Storage hadn't been kind to it, grimewise, and apparently a previous owner had it in a room in which his or her pet birds were allowed to fly free.
I had to chisel some amount of, erm, "birdstrike" off the top. Luckily it hadn't eaten into the wood, so I got rid of it in time.

Degreased the windows, got them nice and shiny and transparent again.
Here she is, airing out the smell of cleaning agents:
Looking at how well it cleaned up, and the price it cost me, I'm currently as happy as a bivalve mollusc!
Tonight or tomorrow I'll take my time to transfer my mini's over (maybe give them a little clean as well, they've gone somewhat dusty in the old cabinet...).
But for now, I'm going to take a moment, and enjoy the shininess of a well-cleaned glass cabinet*.

*: Just compare the pic above to the uncleaned one in my previous post...

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