donderdag 13 september 2012


For lack of a better title...

The cute dwarf from previous post got her hair done:
(In this context, doesn't "Orange Fire" sound awfully like an actual product name for hair-dye? Vermin Brown, less so, I hope!)

I'm quite pleased with her so far, she certainly has the "natural red head" effect I was aiming for.

She's got a nice glare as well.
But it seems to scare Mr. Camera, as he refuses to focus properly on it....

Now all that's left to do is not botch her clothes and axe... ;-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The digital ranger is grasping the crisper monotone behind her - instead of the soft tones across her skin and hair. Took me a few tries to realise what my auto ranger was doing one day - since then, always blank backgrounds haha ;)

  2. I suspected it would be something like that. I had those pots in the background to show which paints I had used and just spontaneously decided to do a face shot.

    I was forced to rely on phone-cam (seeing that the proper camera is dead and not soon to be replaced), where I could just press on the touchscreen and it would focus on the point I touched in the image. Usually...
    For the face-shot I guess the digital ranger was overriding my manual selection.
    When she is fully painted, I'll try again, but with a blank background.