woensdag 19 september 2012

A little painting, a little fun.

Just a little update, nothing picture-worthy however...

Now that my lovely Dwarf lady is done, I've resumed work on the Orcs for my missus' Warhammer Quest set.
I've made a start on the leather parts (boots, quivers, pouches). Once those are done, I need to do 2 bows, 2 shields and add decorative checkered bands, etc., before these first 6 are done.
While paints and washes and such are drying, I'm using the time to continue making bases and assembling some skeletons for my own Dungeoneering collection.
Nothing really exciting, but I just wanted to show that I'm still (semi-)actively working on them.

Okay, okay, I'll add a picture anyway. You deserve as much. ;-p
Over the weekend I dug out some corridor sections I have on perma-loan from a friend. I wanted to see if I could adopt them for WHQ. Sadly they don't entirely fit my needs, but while they were out, I thought I might as well have a bit of fun with them:
Cleaning the halls; A lot more exciting if you're a Dwarf...

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