maandag 26 februari 2018

Hive Sweet Hive, Part X: The Building Emerges

This weekend I pushed some acrylics around, I did some painting on the Goliaths, but the muse fled me. Luckily the muse of terrain took her place. Which means I managed to finish my first piece of Necromunda terrain. I present to you Silo # 7:

 Don't drink the fluid leaking from the pipes...

And the first batch of ancillary barricades/railings for on the platforms, a single loose barricade and a single walkway:
 Except for the free standing barricade on the bottom, all the railings have been magnetized to connect to the steel tape hidden under the hazard striping of the platforms. As has the bridge.

Here are a set of barricades in situ:
 And here is the bridge, securely mag-locked between the platform and a tin can:
Pretty nifty, right? The magnets under the bridge are mounted in such a way that there is some play to compensate for differences in height between various pieces of scenery.

As I had the airbrush out for the sprayed markings and the varnish over the terrain pieces, I also cranked out these: 
These are now all (almost) ready for the hand-painting stages. Maybe I'll experiment with chipping medium and some weathered paint on the barricades and doors, I just need to experiment on a sacrificial piece first, to get my chipping medium dilution just right. I've been having some trouble getting it to spray and work the way I want to. But that is what the luridly coloured Imperial ruins on the right are for. :)

See you next time!

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