zondag 11 maart 2018

Wood, Steel and Gas; Ups and downs

Hi folks!

It's been a fairly busy weekend, so let's tell you about it.
Friday started with a scare, as my wife messaged me at work, that the decorative pieces of apple wood she had in her study had suddenly sprouted holes! Turns out we had a case of interlopers, longhorn beetles to be precise. This was a bit of a scare, as her study is very close to the garage. Where I do all my woodworking. Even more as she found one of the beetles right at the doorstep!
So as soon as I came home friday, I sorted through my wood supply. Sadly my worst fears were confirmed when a lovely large oak tree cross-section I'd been saving for a table showed fresh bore holes.
So a cull of my wood stack was necessary. I had a pile of pallet wood for small projects, that has now been redesignated as campfire wood (more as a precaution). Luckily my fancy woods are treated/kiln-dried and the beetle we found only goes after untreated woods. Still, getting some bug remedy for my wood next week. I'm going to try and save the big oak slab. It's currently sealed in air-tight plastic wrapping with a few pots of alcohol inside, hopefully I can choke/poison most of the bugs that way in preparation for the proper wood treatment.

Saturday afternoon was spent with the airbrush, touching up the primer on my second Necromunda building:

As I had the airbrush out, I also progressed on the Necromunda 2017 cover and doors.
I'd found the proper dilution for the chipping medium, so I've started applying colour to a batch of them, over the rust basecoat:
These require some more faffing about in the future, but so far so good.

I had planned to continue painting my Goliath gang today, but after a visit to the in-laws, my muse thought otherwise. (Fickle thing that she is...)
Never one to argue with inspiration, Gaslands conversions it was. I just pulled out a few cars that I had prepped for conversion (rivets drilled out and metal parts stripped of paint) and started to randomly do thing to them:
I started out with marrying the body of a low-rider pickup truck to the chassis of a bigfoot (The plan is to evoke, rather than outright copy, the bigfoot truck from the latest Mad Max movie). I've been fiddling and adjusting it throughout the afternoon, switching back and forth between it and other conversions. In the back of the picture above you can see a hot-rodded VW Beetle above a donor car that would supply part of it's wheels. I wanted the Beetle as a buggy. I've also added crew to the open-topped Rat Rod. Several cars you see in the pic had nothing done with them today, they were just there to witness the mutilat...erm.."elevation" of their peers.

Here's the Rat Rod with crew (guns and Mad-Maxification to occur at some other time).
Also, the buggy with it's new wheels. (I love the stance it has now!) There is a rather large gap between the rear wheels and the bonnet, this is intentional, as I will be fitting zoomie pipes there. :D
The cab on the Big Foot has reached it's final position as well.

As an encore, I pulled out these two. Same basic car, but the frontmost one has had it's rear wheels/axle mounting replaced to give it more ground clearance and "rake" and it's trunk hatch sawn out (the second one will get it's trunk hatch sawn out as well). Any guesses as to which cars these will be?

See you next time!

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