zondag 18 februari 2018

I'm going to London!

A little over a decade ago, a PC game was released. While the concept/setting and visual design of the game was well handled, it's release and business model... less so. As a result the company that made it died, as did the game. At least officially. Rereleased (initially for Korea only) by a company that had raided the IP and gamecode from the bankruptcy of the studio that produced it. They, also, didn't handle the game well, diluting the original concept and design, not really fixing the existing flaws and bugs in the game (they couldn't, as while they did have the game code and server software, they did not get the source assets and development tools).  The game languished and staggered on, zombielike.  All this while a small core of dedicated fans kept the single player part of the game alive and attempted to mod an improve it where possible. I kept occasionally playing the game. Recently I discovered these fans have achieved the seemingly impossible and revived the multiplayer part of the game as well*.

Ofcourse I'm talking about Hellgate London:

*: For those that also have fond memories of the game and playing it online with friends/strangers, the project can be found on London2038.com.

Why do I tell you all this?
Well, aside from being happy to play the game with others again, this discovery also resparked an old wargaming project, and I painted some mini's for a skirmish version of Hellgate London:

First off, a quartet of Darkspawn Imps:

Armed with a mix of (cursed?) swords and guns (likely cursed as well!), they should be a challenge for any hero, braving the post-apocalyptic streets of London

Second, my third Templar: 

 Armed with a Shockwave (a "gun" with an area of effect centred on the user) and a Toxic Axe and clad in heavy Templar armour she seems determined to plow her way through any opposition.
She's converted from Hasslefree miniatures Powered Armour Libby.

Here's my current roster of Templars:
Of course, the Templars aren't the only survivor faction in the Hellgate London universe. There are also Hunters (ex-military and law enforcement, relying on tech, drones and guns) for which I have a couple of miniatures in stock. And the Cabalists (who use the magic and demonic fetishes, that entered the world when the Hellgates, opened against the demons, turning their own weapons against the invaders), for these I haven't found suitable miniatures (yet). Naturally there are also incidental civilian survivors, for which I can use my zombie survivor miniatures.

And my current roster of demons and demonic beasts:
These can be augmented by my collection of zombies to give a fair bit of opposition. Plus I'd like to build a pair more Fellbores (the creature in the centre with the digging claws) and a third Ravager (the lizard-dog-thing).

One day, I may even find a ruleset suitable for actually gaming with them too... :)

See you next time!

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  1. Very cool. I also enjoyed hellgate when it came out. I recognize the other female Paladin, as a Hasslefree min. But who is the male based off of?

    1. The male one is based off Regdar the Fighter, from the old OOP DnD pewter miniatures range (back when the "D20"-ruleset concept was new...)