vrijdag 9 februari 2018

Hive, Sweet Hive, part 9: Young blood and hired guns

Been home ill the last couple of days, and between bouts of being punched in the face by germs, I managed to get a little bit of converting done, to take my mind off things.

The Slag Barons now have two Juves to add to their roster at some point:
Still too young to be allowed full mohawks and their own stimm injectors until they prove themselves, they are given last pick of the armoury. Naturally they are keen to earn full ganger status.

The miniatures are converted from Age of Sigmar Blood Reaver bodies and arms, with heads from the Goliath sprue, stub guns stolen from a 40K Grot. The guy on the left (they've still to get names) has the same design of axe as the Gimp has (and a back-up knife), while the rightmost young goon is very fond of knives...

Additionally, a package long lost in the Warp/mail (it was sent last november!) arrived last week, finally allowing me to start on my first hired gun: Gor Half-Horn. While I like the GW model, 18 GBP for a single model that will be used only occasionally is a bit dear for my tastes. Luckily I have a deep bits box, and with some extra bits ordered, I could make a good approximation myself:
He just needs a few last finishing touches: His bionic eye, his mohawk and shin guards still need to be added.

Still on the to do list:
-Finish the terrain I've started and paint some more.
-Get Gang War 2, once available, and build some hangers on.
-Find suitable Juves for my Escher
-Paint the Goliath gang
-Build and paint my Escher gang
-Paint all the classic Necromunda mini's I still have (My metal Escher gang, my Pit Slaves and some hired guns)
Whew! Best get cracking on! And this is only one of several projects...

See you next time!

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