zondag 23 april 2017

Just in time for Hanami!

This has been a productive weekend! Also, this post requires a song:

The cherry trees have been finished (I just need to let them dry for a couple of days, and then fixate the flocking). While the flock was out, I also finished up the bamboo bases and the sacred rock.
Here's a FIP (Flock in Progress) picture:

Bright, aren't they? :D
During Hanami, Tamiya-san and Ronin Hasegawa re-enact the impromptu duel that led to their years-long friendship, as Katsunaka the priest and Kageyori the Miko look on from a safe distance.

And a slightly more top-down shot:

That's all of my currently finished Japan-specific scenery, as well as some of my "universal" rocky hills being almost completely obscured by the bamboo groves. I think they might be decent line of sight blockers... ;P

See you next time!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. They came out nice....you used less filler them me on the trunks though? I need to get bamboo as well....

  2. Thanks! I guess I did, but the brand and mix of filler/gesso shrank back more than I expected.
    Yup, bamboo is very effective on the table, just make sure you finish your village as well... ;P

  3. The bottom shot is perfect, especially with the accompanying music.

    1. Thanks, Wouter! Still working/procrastinating on those stats... ;)

  4. Looks quite good, very atmospheric.

    Tamiya and Hasegawa, heh.

    1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to see how they work on the wargames table. Maybe do a little trial set-up this weekend...

      Heh, I knew someone would catch that... :D