zondag 7 mei 2017

Stealin' Genes

The samurai project has been flagging a bit the last few weeks. Mojo has been low in general for hobby stuff.
But this week, I decided to give Space Hulk Deathwing another run, 40K had been bubbling in the brain a bit again, due to the recent exposure Shadow War Armageddon and the upcoming new edition 40K were getting online.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that a large part of the technical issues of the game were solved, and that there was more variety in gameplay to be found. Sadly, the servers are still rather depleted after the rocky start, hopefully this will improve once the Enhanced Edition becomes reality.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and I decided to build a couple of Genestealers, as a palate cleanser and hopefully something that would kickstart the Mojo-generator again.
Originally I wanted all my genestealers for the Space Hulk project to be just generic genestealers. But today I realised I rather like the variety of 'stealers in the Deathwing game. Plus it would be more interesting to paint and model than just 20+ identical creepy aliens... I could always make some house rules for them in SH, Kill Team or =I=Munda if I were so inclined, or I could use them as regular 'stealers and just keep the variation a cosmetic thing.

Here they are: two Stalker Strain Genestealers and two Scythe Strain Genestealers:

The parts in the rear of the picture are a start at an attempt to convert some Tyranid Warriors into a pair of Broodlords or similar heavy, large Genestealer variants.
Now, to figure out how to speed-paint Genestealers and still have them look decent.

See you next time.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Since Shadow War I also got the itch to start building some Genestealer Cult.
    After seeing this: http://wilhelminiatures.blogspot.be/2016/05/tutorial-creating-genestealer-cult-beast.html?m=1
    I also bought some Tyranids Warriors to build as alternate 2nd edition Sentinels 😁.

  2. I've got a handful of these to harass my Scythes marines; I'm not sure about the ribbed upper carapace, I do like that original fleshy braced style back chitin. Either way, quite right - always good to shake up the conversion blues doing something new :D

    1. Well, they would be the classic foes for your Scythes!
      I agree on the original style carapace. I was pleasantly surprised to see it return for the Genestealer Cult/Deathwatch: Overkill set. Maybe I'll just convert it onto the large brutes in the back, as an homage. :D

    2. Oooh liking that idea - see if you get time to do so :D

      Yup, classic foe, like Joker/Batman. Though I'm yellow and black.