dinsdag 11 april 2017

Trial of the Grasses

Well, the trial set of bamboo is done, except for some growies (flock, some small plants, such things)  on the edge of the base:

Looking at this, I'm ready to go into mass production, I think.

I misted the bamboo stalks with some matt varnish and then spray-primed the base in black. Naturally, this hit the lower part of the bamboo as well, but this wouldn't be a problem.
Then I painted the base with Vallejo Burnt Umber and drybrushed German Camouflage Orange, Desert Yellow and finally Iraqui Sand. Again, this hit the lower sections of the bamboo, neatly covering up the primer overspray, as I had planned. There was some minor flaking of the paint on the thinner bamboo stalks, but nothing too noticeable. Finally I roughly hit the bamboo stalks themselves with very watery English Uniform, to get rid of the uniform green colour.
Looks good to me, I'll be cutting bases for the larger bamboo bushes tonight or tomorrow, hopefully I'll have a complete grove by/over Easter.

See you next time!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Excellent result, I tried something similar but with a matt tanya olive green spray.

    1. Sorry that should have read Tamiya.

    2. Thank You! I didn't dare spray them, seeing how eager this type of plastic is to shed paint when flexed. How did yours turn out?

    3. So far, so good. I sprayed the final stand with watered down PVA to fix the scatter I had used on the base and all seems to be holding - fingers crossed!

  2. That looks perfect, I even might steal your formula 😊.