zondag 16 april 2017

Oriental flora

Well, the bamboo got finished yesterday, but the light was gone already gone so far, I couldn't get decent pictures anymore. So these had to wait until today:

Daimyo Tempura finds his entry into Miso-Ji isn't quite as uncontested as he expected...

Today, as an added bonus, my wife joined me for painting, the first time in years (She used to be a very skilled and enthusiastic painter, but that hobby had fallen somewhat by the wayside for her.) It was really nice to be sat next to her and sharing a favorite activity. I got some progress done on the first batch of my Samurai villagers, but didn't quite get them finished

Also, earlier this week the tiny cherry trees I ordered online finally arrived:

A bit brighter than I had anticipated, but they'll server their purpose just fine! They're about 40mm tall, which works just fine for my purposes. I'll just put these on as inconspicuous bases as possible, so I can plant them wherever I like them to be on the table. Half of this batch will go to Gunbird.

I don't think I'll get these done before Hanami is over, but then again, with these, my samurai can go cherry blossom viewing whenever they want... ;D

See you next time!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. That must have been a great moment, sharing a hobby together.
    The top picture is almost perfect, all your hard work totally pays off.

  2. The bamboo looks great and best of luck with the cherry blossom.

    1. Thanks, work on the cherry blossoms will be next weekend at the earliest. Hopefully they'll be as quick and fun a project as the bamboo.

  3. Liking the photo a lot, looks great all together like that - the Cherry Blossom seems about right in the bag for me, having had a street filled with them of late; they can almost seem artificially bright pink.

    1. Thanks! I quite enjoy the recent updates to your blog as well. Great stuff!
      Yup, somehow one imagines cherry blossoms to be a delicate shade of pink, but they are quite in your face with their colour. They'll add some nice shocks of colour to a dominantly green and brown table.