zaterdag 3 december 2016


A quick Saturday evening conversion, I present to you Brother-Apothecary Arvun:
Shortly after the release of Burning of Prospero, I chanced on a cheap squad of MkIII marines, thanks to a tip from Gunbird. I intend to use them as extra bits to convert my Howling Griffons. This is the first attempt at such, by combining the MkIII armour with the Apothecary bits from the Space Marine Command Squad. I still need to add the purity seals and other tchotckes that will root him firmly in the 41st millennium.

Brother Arvun is my Howling Griffons 5th Company Apothecary, honoured to wear one of the few MkIII suits the chapter still cherishes. As Arvun is often found in the thick of things aiding and saving fellow Griffons, the extra protection of the venerable suits thick plates is more than welcome!

I really like these MkIII "Iron" armours. And it gave me an idea; while I can't go full Heresy Era with my Griffons (not being a founding legion and all), I might decide to go "historical" with them; Modelling them not to represent a M41 army, but rather an M34-M37 or so army. So with a few more ancient armours still seeing regular use, rather than being hid away in the armoury as relics of a bygone age. It also gives me an excuse to use every single bit of MkVI kit I come across, as those would also see much more heavy use in that era, and they are my favorite armour mark.
I'm kind of liking the idea, but need to mill it over a bit more. It would mean playing and building my Griffons without the weight of the Badab War and the feud with Periclitor behind them. And while the feud with Periclitor isn't my favorite piece of Howling Griffons backstory, I do love the Badab War dearly...
Another thing to consider, should the Time of Ending that 40K is currently entering turn out to be as big a clusterfuck as the Warhammer Fantasy End Times were, I have another excuse to completely ignore it! 
I'm loath to give up the Badab War though, I may just keep my army M41 and use the older marks to really show off the age and pedigree of my Griffons. Luckily I can ponder this at my leisure, as I have absolutely no deadline for this army. :D

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  1. He looks very good, a nice conversion. While our group has never bothered with any particular part in the rich 40k universe, I find the idea intriguing and look forward to further posts about it on your blog. And you're right about the Badab war, the fluff about it was one of the reasons I almost sold my Wordbearers army once to start an Astral Claws army instead.

  2. Thanks! Hmmm, we could consider focussing on the Badab War for those 2nd ed. shenanigans you mentioned earlier? Especially as 2nd ed armies are relatively smaller than current era ones.

    1. Yeah sure, that sounds like a great idea. Perhaps I'll start a small Astral Claws army after all. All I need is the Ultramarines codex. As Bram has a Cadian army, he can choose to either represent loyalists or seperatists if he wants too.
      They could be my first purchase for 40k in more than 10 years 😊.

    2. Good point, I own the 2nd ed. Space Wolves and Dark/Blood Angels codex, but never got the Ultramarines one. I should track one down as well...

      I have the Forgeworld Badab War books, the army lists won't be of use, but there is a ton of background and inspiration for scenarios in there we could use.

      Hmmm, just realised that my battle-ready Howling Griffons are only a single tactical squad and a Lightning Claw terminator at the moment. I'd have to build my entire army as well. Nothing like a group project to keep momentum going. :D

    3. Forgot to mention: I also have the Rogue Trader Compendium, containing the origins story of the Badab War. :)

    4. Hah, these will be useful. I have some background information from the Chaos codex, but that's about it.
      As for the mini's, I'm thinking about buying the Horus Heresy battle of Calth box. While there are no vehicles in there, there's plenty of marines and even a dreadnaught.
      Bram liked the idea as well, so I guess we'll be with at least 3 players to start the campaign with.

    5. Great! I'd suggest maximising the army lists at 1500points, just to keep things (and workload!) manageable? I'll try and mail you over the weekend to discuss things.

    6. Sounds good. 1500pts wasn't that much in 2nd edition, especially for Space Marines. Also, if I remember it right a 1500 battle was worth at least 2 hours of play. On different blogs and sites I read about players restricting the use of psykers to speed up gameplay. While it can be fun, the psychic phase is also a bit goofy and time-consuming. If possible I would like to arrange a meeting with the three (4 if Johan likes to participate) of us to discuss the details.
      I look forward to your mail.