zondag 27 november 2016

We are the Angels of Death!

Over the past few weekends, I painted the Terminator Squad from the Dark Vengeance set.
I started them quite a while ago, working on them as my son painted his first Space Marine. Seeing that the Space Hulk:Deathwing PC game is nearing it's release date, I thought it a good opportunity to finish these Terminators. Plus, they served as an excuse to keep doing some hobby stuff as I adjust to a new job and changed daily rythm.
They aren't part of any of my main projects (though they can serve well in Space Hulk games), so if I messed them up or abandoned them, it wouldn't be a major distaster.
As a side effect of this, I've been painting them less for excellence, and more for to just get them finished and to simply enjoy the activity of putting paint on figures. Additionally, I discovered I'm a bit out of shape, painting wise. This means they're a bit rougher and less neat here and there than my usual painting style, but I'm still contented with them.
Anyway, enough waffle, on to the pictures:

And in action, cleansing a Space Hulk:

Oh, anf for those that are interested in such things: The Space Hulk Deathwing game is in beta for pre-orders this weekend and I've been playing it a bit. It is (hopefully) shaping up to be quite nice.  There are a few niggles and things that can be improved, especially on connection stability for online co-op, but graphically and with regards to look and feel, it's spot on! It's got me thinking about working on my own Space Hulk terrain again... They just need to squash those last bugs and it will be a marvellous game, I think.

See you next time!

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  1. While the leader is bound to get into trouble with these Wings on his back on board a space Hulk, it is a great set and a fine addition to your collection.
    I'm wondering if you got the set for Space Hulk or starting with the latest edition of 40k?

    You made me very curious about the pc game and I will check it out.

    1. I got the set to add the cultists and Chaos Marines to my Word Bearers stockpile... Hasn't happened yet. When I bought it on release I assumed the Dark Angels minis to be ballast. So it's kinda funny they should be the first to see paint. :D

      The game is set to be released December 9th. The beta this weekend shows it will likely be a good game IF they can polish out the last few hiccups. The stability of the connection being the primary of those, without a lot more stabile connection then they have now I fear the game may be doomed. Which would be a shame as it gets Space Hulk so very, very right!

    2. Funny to hear you're also a fan of the Word Bearers. They are the legion I started collecting during 2nd edition. They did have some Noise/plague/Berserker marine allies back then though. I was very happy when they finally made rules fitting their background in the 4th edition rulebook. I'm hoping to incorporated some of these rules in our new 2nd edition revival plans.

    3. The PC game is exceedingly impressive - if but a taste of the full game, looks to be very fun.

    4. You had a run on the beta as weel, Seb? Despite the glitches and connection problems I had a blast.

  2. Man exciting! Good to see some more projects from your meanderings :D

    Dark Angels were actually my first marine chapter also. I lost all 30 models in a moving accident when I moved from South Africa for the UK. Almost stopped the hobby, then read about Tyranids and this little known Chapter called Scythes of the Emperor.

    Do keep me in the loop on your 2nd Edition hijinks lads! :D

    1. Aww, such a shame about those lost Angels! But I guess getting you started on the Scythes was a good thing. ;D

    2. Yeah haha - actually got a shout out by Black Library's L J Goulding for my site, the-scythes.com during an interview about his upcoming Scythes of the Emperor books.

      That was nice :D