woensdag 23 maart 2016

Pants sculpting

A while ago, I ran a DnD Campaign set in mythological Japan, which sort of petered out over the years. We alternated GM-ing in the group, each GM having their own campaing running, but life and busy calendars caused longer and longer pauzes between games, until they quietly slipped into hiatus.

Earlier this week, I've been dared into restarting my campaign, with the promise of one of my mates restarting his as well. Being the disciplined and focussed individual that I am, I naturally succumbed immediately to this temptation. :P
At the time, I had been working on making miniatures for each character in the party. I don't want to use these to handle combat and such (it's an RPG, not a skirmish wargame after all), but more as visual portraits and occasionally to clarify things like marching order or relative positions.

One of the PCs is a Miko or temple maiden. Of which there are preciously few miniatures... Luckily Perry Miniatures does a few packs of medieval Japanese villagers, which contains a woman holding a fan. Perfect for my needs concerning pose and style, she just lacks the bright red hakama typical of Miko. So, out came the greenstuff and tools (And hence, the title of this post...).

Here's the result:

For those that are interested in such things, the rest of the party consists of an itinerant priest (which you can partially see in background), a rural samurai or ji-zamurai, and two female samurai. Except for the two women warriors, all now have miniatures ready for paint. I'm still looking for suitable minis, with armour in the right style and the right weapons.

See you next time!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. She looks smashing, intrigued by idea of playing D & D in Japan :-)

  2. Thank you! Basically we're playing in a version of medieval Japan with the assumption that all myths and legends are real, similar to "western" DnD. The players quite enjoy regularly meeting monsters unknown to them, while stretching their role play legs in an unfamiliar culture and mythology. One of the players recently discovered that her Tanuki familiar is no mere animal... :)

  3. Putting dresses on miniatures? What is next, letting them vote?! :D Looking forward to seeing her painted. Hope the ManO'War Dwarven whateverthehell itis won't distract you too much.

  4. Well, technically they're pants... And why let them vote, they already influence my decisions more than enough. :p
    And the Dwarven Monitor won't distract, painting Man O'War is for a later date. I'm going to paint the Miko and priest and after that it's back to Escher and terrain again. And after that, who knows?