vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Escher painting

Painting has started on the Escher. I've been out of commission the last couple of days due to a case of the flu (luckily a mild and short one), but now I'm back and happily painting on with my first three lady-gangers:

A fair bit to do on these still. Skin and pants/tops are done, as is hair on two of the three. I just basecoated and washed the metals, that's drying as I type. Some of the pouches and packs are done.
But there's still a fair bit to do; their chaps/boots need painting, as do loincloths (I'm thinking of doing these in a single, unified colour, but I haven't decided which one yet), then there are all the little pouches, straps, doodads and bling to finish.
I'm painting the Escher in threes, it's faster than doing each individually, without feeling like batch painting and still giving them all plenty of individuality. The gang leader will get get my undividided attention.

I'm quite happy to finally own and work on these models. The Eschers have always been my favorite models of the Necromunda range, but I somehow always just missed actually getting them. Back when they were first released, I didn't have the spare money for a gang. Then, when I did have the money, no-one was actively playing Necromunda, so buying them always lost out over stuff I could actually use in the games we were playing at the time. They languished on the "one day" list like that, until that one dark, sad day when the went OOP. And Ebay/secondhand prices skyrocketed... But through luck, patience and a very generous friend, I now finally have my very own Escher gang. :D
For now, I'm going to take my time and enjoy painting these lovely figures. But after that, I fear the struggle will start to resist hunting down the rest of the Escher sculpt and that one, very expensive special character, Mad Donna...

Terrain is also in my thoughts, but that is for later. Who knows, maybe I can even entice some friends into trying a Necromunda campaign?

See you next time!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It is not like you would need to do a lot of enticing to get me in :D I've got a Escher juve with autopistol in 2 hands and a leader wilt boltgun and laspistol in my trades/swap box, just so you know.

    1. Great! You're in. :)
      And not for long, you won't... ;) Just let me know what you want for the pair?