zondag 22 januari 2012

Sunday musings

Finished the Guntruck yesterday, but didn't have the light or the time to properly photograph it yet....

I did try a quick proof-of-concept solo game, using two of the 1/72nd planes, the guntruck and some random terrain I already have for other games.
This was a few game turns in:
I had one plane on the flight stand Gunbird loaned me, and the other on a semi-improvised "nape of the earth" base (essentially just a hex base with a nail in it....).

Here are my preliminary observations:

-I need to rip off the turret of the guntruck and magnetize it! Turning it is just way too fiddly at the moment....

-The idea for plotting movement works quite well. It's almost as quickly as just using regular hexes.
It requires quite a bit of on the fly fudging though, I had odd angles and half-hexes in shooting ranges almost every turn... Stacking models need a solution as well.

-The ratio of  base/hexsize to size of planes/terrain means you will make more use of high speed, low-G maneuvres. G-rating becomes less vital, and speeds feel slower somehow.
I guess I could see it as if each game turn represents only a second of real-time instead of the 5-10+ seconds it represents in the original scale. May need to extend the maximum number of turns you can play in order to get some action in.

-I don't have proper stats or damage sheets for ground based units! I'll need to figure something out for that....

-Don't do strafing runs over open ground towards a quad .40 AA gun... It'll bust your plane up bad. :-D
I really should have used the building for cover first and then "hopped" over it for a short range burst, in hindsight. Thing nearly sheared my wing off!

I didn't have the time or opportunity to see how the improvised altitude rules I posted a few days ago work out. May need to run another test game sometime just for that, if/when I have 2 altitude bases available.

Oh, and a second pic of cool moment in the game:
A tense moment before they discover who is faster on the trigger....

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